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Brandon Behrens
July 2, 2014

We’re wrapping up a Workday integration via their web services. The objects we’re dealing with in the web services calls to Workday contain a lot of information in very deep object graphs that are not necessarily initialized. I learned a couple of new tricks this time around with web services that makes the consumption and related testing of these objects relatively painless. To be clear, you’ll likely run into this scenario working with any web services in .NET. I just happened to be working with Workday web services when I decided to write this post.

The first thing I need to do is get the Workday web services response object mapped to a type for all of my code to consume. I don’t have any interest at all in writing a ton of left / right code that looks like this:

Brandon Behrens
February 1, 2012



That’s an image of the status of all the builds on our CI server.  I love that image.  Every time a commit is made, we run 19 builds consisting of nearly 5000 tests.  A sizeable portion of those tests are regression tests that fire up a web browser and exercise the UI.  Our regression tests are particularly valuable to our testing suite.  They let us make very significant changes with confidence.  Once our regression tests are green, we’re done (that’s the goal anyway).  Here are some examples of some big changes we’ve made; none taking more than a few days start to finish.


Converting from integer to GUID based primary keys Upgrading third party binaries with breaking changes Upgrading third party javascript libraries Turning on lazy loading with

Brandon Behrens
September 27, 2010

Chad made a great post about integrating with Dovetail CRM the other day.  He touched on creating event rules and I wanted to show how you can use Dovetail CRM to configure common workflow tasks.  We see the following scenario a lot in the HR space:  when a new employee joins the company, there are usually a number of related tasks the company needs to perform.  For example, they might need to create an email account, assign a computer and configure domain permissions for the new employee.  I’m going to show how Dovetail CRM can automatically create child cases related to a parent case to automate the process of entering the tasks into the system.


When we’re finished, we’ll want the following statement to be true:


When a case

          is created


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