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Russ Resslhuber
February 11, 2011

Case Management enables the deployment of a tiered service delivery model. Strictly speaking, it pertains to the circled tiers in this illustration; if the employee finds the desired answer or resolution in the Self Service Portal, no Case is created. But Case Management has everything to do with the deployment of a successful Portal, as the knowledge required to make it effective is developed in the context of casework.

Workflow here is generally from left to right:  the Generalist Advisor may “escalate” to a Subject Matter Expert, who may in turn hand off to a Business Partner where a key service is outsourced. But Knowledge flows from right to left: expertise is made available in the form of Solutions, initially to Generalist Advisors but eventually to the Self Service Portal for direct employee access. In this way the Portal remains

Russ Resslhuber
February 9, 2011

Case Management for HR empowers everyone in the organization – employees, HR staff, and management. Let’s revisit the original premise: the employee cannot find what he or she is looking for on the portal. What happens next?


Where does the employee turn?

The HR Help Desk – a single point of contact across multiple channels: Phone, E-mail, Web [Portal]


How does the HR Advisor find the information?

The Advisor can access a library of articles – or Solutions – that captures knowledge generated in the service delivery process. If the employee question or issue has been encountered before, the resolution is available, and can easily be located using Google-like text search. The Advisor can also search for corporate content that resides anywhere in the organizational network.


 How does the HR Advisor record the interaction?

The specific question or issue is captured in the

Russ Resslhuber
February 3, 2011

You probably already have an internal web portal for employees to use when updating personal information, selecting benefits, requesting vacation time, and so forth. But how do you handle questions and issues that aren’t addressed by the portal, when the employee has to contact HR to obtain an answer or resolution? How do you ensure an effective, timely and efficient response on the part of the HR organization when this happens? And how do you reuse the knowledge developed in the process, and make it available through your internal portal for the next employee with that question or problem?


Case Management is the answer to all these questions. It has also been called Incident Management, or Service Request Management. Core functions of Case Management include:


Closely tracking employee questions and issues, providing for both task ownership and workflow

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