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June 30, 2016

Dovetail Software is Proud to be Part of this Tradition

We invite you to discuss the “fitness” of your HR system and processes (anonymously, of course) by participating in the Sierra-Cedar 2016–2017 HR Systems Survey, 19th Annual Edition, now available at, until July 8, 2016.

All responses are confidential and only used in aggregate results.

Sierra-Cedar has incorporated survey feedback to include new questions which explore how organizations are transforming their HR technology environments, choosing services to support those transformations, and preparing for the Future of Work.

2016 Sierra-Cedar HR Systems Survey

The Sierra Cedar HR System Survey continues to investigate: Strategy, process, and structure Adoption of all HR Technology applications Deployment roadmaps, resourcing, and budgeting Implementation, maintenance, and integration Emerging and innovative technology Outcome-driven HR As

Dwane Lay
June 15, 2016

It’s Back!

Carnival of HR: I feel like we just finished sweeping up the popcorn and peanut shells from last time, and yet here we are!

I’m always excited to get to host the carnival.  It’s a great chance for us to stay connected to the HR community that means so much to us, and to share our platform with great authors in our space.  Thanks to all of you for visiting and reading.  Please take a few minutes to check out the links.

Theme: Conferences

Our theme, loosely applied as always, is around conferences.  We do a lot of them, and we were very much looking forward to SHRM16 this month.  We’ve realized, though, that the show starts on Father’s Day this year.  That’s happened in the past, and it usually kills off any chance of attending for me. 

Matt Yunker
June 9, 2016

The Unexpected

How many of you have had work done on your house, car , personal health and come to find out there are always hidden costs?!!

I prefer to work with companies that are very upfront about costs and about capabilities. So, the further Adventures of Matt may surprise some of you, but those who know me, know that I am always up to something and most recently, I (meaning we my wife and I) decided we (meaning the wife) wanted a new kitchen. Now, I love cooking though I cannot claim any great skills; I still like to cook, so a new kitchen sounds great. We begin our research on kitchens.


And I mean WOW – those kitchens can cost a lot. Fortunately for me, I have many friends in industry and I have great

Matt Yunker
June 2, 2016

Where is the Customer in Customer Service?

So, recently a landscaper stopped by the house and offered to do some work. They basically would put down new soil, seed, and fertilizer. The cost? $1000, now you might say, “Hey Matt, you overpaid!”

There were, however, some extenuating circumstances.   I will review a few, so you can get an idea.

The wife wanted grass even though we are in a drought and I stopped watering the back yard a few years ago. The wife wanted grass.

And lastly…, I knew my wife really wanted grass.

So, when these guys stopped by and offered to give me a yard, I took them up on it.

The Actual Work

Here we are: they laid soil, seed, and fertilizer. They actually gave me a one-year guarantee, so I was pleased that I didn’t have

Dwane Lay
June 1, 2016

Some Assembly Required

When you swing by Target to pick up a Lego Millennium Falcon, you probably don’t expect to open that box at home and find a fully-built Falcon waiting for you. Instead, you expect to see organized bags of pieces and instructions on putting your new space ride together. Frankly, if you did get one already put together, you’d probably want to take it apart and start over. And maybe you want your Falcon to be a little different. Maybe you want the new square radar dish instead of the classic round version. Maybe you want to add more thrusters, or more guns, or finally get the hyperdrive upgraded in your version. That’s the best thing about Lego. You can do whatever you want. And you can always take it apart and do something different later.

A good

Dovetail HR
May 23, 2016

Part 3 of series with HR Expert Jay Kuhns

Series: Healthcare HR Check-Up Key Point Podcast

Episode 3

Jay Kuhns, VP of Healthcare Strategy at Kinetix HR addresses Today’s Technology for Healthcare HR in Part 3 of quick-hit podcast, key point podcast.

The New Tools “I’ve been pushing myself to learn lately. The new tools that are redefining how executives transform their brands, their teams, and their organizations are exploding all around us. I know that if I do not stay current I will fail. We no longer have the cop-out options of having too many projects, too many meetings, or not enough time to keep up. When have effective leaders ever had ‘enough time?’ For God’s sake, stop saying that.” – Jay Kuhns from No Community – No Future

Jay addresses Technology Today in

Dovetail HR
May 20, 2016

Part 2 of series with Healthcare HR Expert Jay Kuhns

Series: Healthcare HR Check-Up Key Point Podcast

Episode 2

Jay Kuhns, VP of Healthcare Strategy at Kinetix HR addresses Taking Risks & the Fear of Change for Healthcare HR in Part 2 of quick-hit podcast, key point podcast.

“If we are not going to attract or retain the right talent, we have a failed business strategy.” – Jay Kuhns

Discussion Points for : How inaction hinders  growth and forward movement Getting so behind the times that disallows talent attraction Mitigating public ridicule and bullying from senior leadership The Fear and Risks of Change Healthcare is a Business, HR is part of that business

Jay addresses Perceived Risks from Change to Healthcare HR Today and how some senior leaders often feel insecure or threatened by colleagues who have kept

Dovetail HR
May 19, 2016

Dovetail sponsors 3-part series with Healthcare HR Expert Jay Kuhns

Series: Healthcare HR Check-Up Key Point Podcast

Episode 1

Jay Kuhns, VP of Healthcare Strategy at Kinetix HR addresses Employer Branding for Healthcare HR in Part 1 of quick-hit podcast, key point podcast.

“I’m seeing a lot of HR departments wanting to be more contemporary…, and I am seeing this as a newer phenomenon. ” – Jay Kuhns

Jay addresses Perceived Risks from Change to Healthcare HR Today and how some senior leaders often feel insecure or threatened by colleagues who have kept up with technology in this Part 2 of quick-hit podcast, key point podcast.

“Embarrassingly easy way to start – you can automatically post content,  your own organization’s content – approved and vetted content from your organization’s marketing department is an easy way to re-purpose content to benefit the

Matt Yunker
May 18, 2016

What do you need from me?

As a professional salesman, I understand that my clients and prospects are busy. Sometimes, they don’t have time for a meeting, to talk on the phone, or even respond to an email. So the question is what do you want from me? How can I help you? You want and need to know what we do, how our product works, how it will benefit you and your organization –  so you can call on us when you need us, but you just don’t have the time to meet and learn about what it is we do.

“I want…”

That being said, it’s coming from the wrong point of view. Essentially it is a selfish statement right? I want to show you, I want to tell you, I want, I want, I want. How about

Dwane Lay
May 16, 2016

Be Prepared Before Change Happens

As a partner for some of the best companies in the world, we get a unique view of talent movement in the business world.  Sometimes, that means seeing system administrators move on to bigger roles, either with their current company or a new one.  While we are always happy to see our friends being successful, it does lead to some difficulties if the proper preparation hasn’t been taken.  If you are a system owner, champion, administrator, or power user, there are a few important things to keep in mind as you go through your daily life.

Ownership Matters

One of the earliest signs of system atrophy is seeing a system owner or champion change roles.  When a system is put in place, no matter the size, it is because someone cared enough to make it

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