A Good Partnership Matters
Dovetail HR
November 6, 2017

Partnering with Workday

Partnerships are a big part of why companies grow and find success. We love talking about our partnership with Workday – why? Because it’s brought success and benefit to our joint customers. We work with Workday to ensure that the needs of clients are met with the quality they expect.

As we Prepare for Workday Rising

Four years in, Dovetail maintains our Certified Solution Partner status with Workday, as it has brought us the opportunity to continually learn what it means to be a Workday partner, and evolve as necessary.

This partnership is about service, true customer and partner service,
and what that means to us and our clients.

Dovetail will be sharing what we do best, provide an intuitive product that serves HR Practitioners and eases their processes, at the Workday Rising EU conference NOV 14-16 in Barcelona at CCIB.

We look forward to meeting other professionals who find value in bettering the lives and work of employees as much as we do. We work in an era of significant tech consumption and overload, it’s a valuable endeavor to give back, to build up, and create loyalty on a regular basis.

If you’re in Barcelona at #wdayrising next week, Stop and see us at Booth #507!

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