HR Experts

HR Experts

Dovetail is home to experienced and influential HR thought leaders with unique expertise in subject matters including HR Shared Services, Process Design, Technology, Employee Relations, Social Media, HR Healthcare and more. Our in-house experts are published authors, speakers, consultants to HR organizations all over the world and former practitioners. They ensure the resources we offer are relevant, useful and worthy of your time.

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Dwane Lay, VP of Customer Experience

As Vice President of Customer Experience for Dovetail Software, I help our clients get the most out of their implementations, both before and after go live. From analyzing their reporting needs to discussing opportunities to get more out of the technology investment, I am focused on making sure our clients remain as thrilled with their own operations as they are with our world class software and implementations.


Having grown up in IT and spent years at as an HR practitioner, I have a passion for introducing and helping mold process efficiency in HR organizations. I am the founder and President of Lean HR LLC, focused on implementing Lean and Six Sigma methodology in the Human Resources field. This includes the book Lean HR, published in early 2013. Other content includes tools, videos, materials and speaking engagement information. I have served as a keynote speaker at numerous SHRM conferences, as well as speaking and running workshops  at several HR and HR Shared Services focused events. I also serve on the Missouri SHRM Board of Directors.


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Kane FrisbyKane Frisby, Chief Strategy Officer 

I am responsible for creating, communicating, executing and sustaining Dovetail’s key strategic initiatives. I work with industry experts around the world, along with Dovetail’s development teams to develop product roadmaps that align with the changing needs of each marketplace. I am also responsible for building strategic partnerships that help better serve Dovetail customers.


I spent the past 15 years in consulting, implementing and managing employee and customer support systems for organizations across the globe. Prior to joining Dovetail, I was head of the global HRIT department for Renaissance Capital (based in Moscow, Russia), in which my primary role was to re-evaluate its HR technology and build a new HR systems strategy.  I’m originally from the UK and have moved all over the world, spending my career identifying and implementing the right systems and technology necessary for global organizations to effectively manage employees and customers.


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Rayanne Thorn, VP of Marketing

I joined Dovetail Software as VP of Marketing in 2015 after years working as a head of marketing for several HR and recruiting technology companies. I bring with me a great deal of experience as a former recruiting and HR practitioner who is passionate about the talent management industry. I launched HR Latte, an industry-related podcast, in 2014 to start conversations about what what we are doing right and how we can improve human resources and the many technologies which support it. I’m an avid writer and loves producing worthy digital content that makes a difference in how we think and act.

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