Chad Myers
Chad Myers
October 17, 2011

HTML5_Logo_256At Dovetail, we’re always staying on top of the latest and greatest technology.  We’re constantly evaluating new technologies and finding creative ways of incorporating that into our products in sensible and meaningful ways.  We’ve been experimenting with HTML5 and CSS3 (the less-often-mentioned, but equally important brother of HTML5) for some time now.

We’ve been thinking of ways of enhancing existing features or adding new features that take care of some of the exciting capabilities of HTML5 and CSS3.  I’d like to discuss in this post a few of the things we’ve come up with.



Enhanced Reporting and Visualizations

Chad Myers
October 22, 2010

At Dovetail, we take software quality seriously.  I wish I could guarantee our products were 100% defect-free, but I can’t.  We do everything we can to get as close to that ideal as possible, though.  In this post, I’d like to show you how we approach software quality during product development. 

To understand our approach to software quality, you must first understand our philosophy.  We believe quality is a mindset. It’s not something you do as Step 1, Step 4 or after the software has been developed.  Quality is not the responsibility of one or two people on a team or the “Quality Team.”  Quality is the responsibility of everyone involved in the product’s development – at all levels. I like to say, “quality is everyone’s job.”  If a defect is found in the software by a customer, we all

Chad Myers
August 25, 2010

Recently I was investigating various ways of integrating our Dovetail CRM product with the Telligent Enterprise collaboration software.  Telligent Enterprise is a tool that allows people within organizations to collaborate and share information and knowledge.  It has wikis, blogs, forums, and even social media-like features (imagine a Twitter + Facebook hybrid, but for employees inside your organization).

I liked the thought of customer service agents and managers collaborating on cases together. I thought that I would try to bring these two tools together.  I imagined two simple scenarios:

Alerting coworkers about new cases: When a case is created in Dovetail CRM, post a activity message to Telligent Enterprise.  Activity messages are somewhat like “tweets” on Twitter. Link discussions about cases to the case itself: When someone mentions a case in Telligent Enterprise, log an internal note to the

Chad Myers
September 18, 2009

Come work for one of the most progressive development shops in the US. This is an opportunity to work with some of the leaders in the .NET/C# space including Jeremy Miller and Joshua Flanagan – both senior developers, designers, architects, authors, and open source project leaders — with tons of experience. We use cutting edge project practices and our testers and information developers are integrated with the development team.

We’re building a new software product line using pioneering practices and technologies, such as:

Test-driven development Continuous integration Behavior-driven design Domain-driven design HTML, CSS, Javascript (jQuery) ASP .NET MVC C# 3.0, .NET 3.5, Visual Studio 2008 SQL 2008 NHibernate 2.x LINQ2NHibernate StructureMap Selenium Core and Selenium RC StoryTeller for automated acceptance testing

Who we’re looking for || Dovetail Software is staffing a team for an innovative software project. We’re looking for

Chad Myers
December 22, 2008

I’m implementing a feature that does some stuff when an IFRAME is finished loading.  Due to the inherent asynchronous nature of this functionality, it was hard to test.  I was trying to use QUnit, but having issues, until I found this post:

The summary?  Check out the stop() and start() functions.

Now, I can write my test like this:

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