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Stephen Lynn
May 20, 2009

At Dovetail Software we have created a culture where our employees are encouraged to get involved in the community and where we are continually seeking to advance our skills through on the job learning and self-education. As a result, our developers are often invited to speak at conferences or write articles for publications. Chad Myers, our head of Development, recently wrote an article for CoDe Magazine on Relational Database Persistence with NHibernate.

I hope you enjoy it. Thanks Chad!

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Stephen Lynn
June 20, 2008

Our goal is to provide the best software possible to our customers and even better customer support. To do that, you need the right people – those dedicated to serving the customer and committed to advancing their own knowledge, often on their own time. That is the culture we have created at Dovetail Software, and I am quite proud of all our employees.


Our employees are constantly reading, networking, and chatting with leading-edge technologists to make sure they are up to speed on what is driving the industry and to improve their own knowledge. Within Dovetail, we call this “self educate”. I thought I would start publicizing some of what are

Stephen Lynn
March 26, 2008

I have talked to a number of companies who have been analyzing their current enterprise software systems structure. Their struggle – Utilize a single vendor to provide all of the enterprise’s needs or choose a “best of breed” approach. Complicating this analysis is that there is a further debate between using a single CRM vendor for all of a company’s CRM needs vs utilizing a “best of breed” approach to the various CRM requirements. I might add, this isn’t a new debate; it is one that goes back probably a decade or more.

I have found the proponents pretty well split down the middle although there have been shifts in momentum tilting more towards one approach vs the other. Early on, many companies jumped on the bandwagon focused on

Stephen Lynn
December 14, 2007

We at Dovetail Software have been faithful providers to the Clarify community for over 10 years. It is a unique position as we are a successful software company in our own rights, but we also feel an allegiance to the Clarify community. We compete for the Clarify business, but we also provide to those people who are responsible for supporting their Clarify environment on a daily basis.


With that in mind, Dovetail’s gift to the Clarify community for the holidays is our Dovetail BOLT product (Data Sheet). This is a powerful tool that gives the Clarify users real-time access to their Clarify data from a set of easy-to-use web pages. All you need to do is join our forum (Click to

Stephen Lynn
June 14, 2007

We started the Dovetail blog at the beginning of the year, and to be honest, I didn’t know what the reaction might be from the Dovetail/Clarify community, or how our employees would act in their role as company spokespeople.

We had numerous discussions within the company in regards to corporate policing of employee posts and employees believing that the true value of the blog was keeping it open without company monitoring. I checked what other companies were doing, and even read Robert Scoble and Shel Israel’s book, Naked Conversations, looking for insight into what we should do. From our beginning over a decade ago, when we were known as First Choice Software, we’ve had a culture of openness in the company; therefore I decided I needed to continue that tradition with our company blog. Furthermore,

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