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Rayanne Thorn
March 29, 2017

The Ongoing Conversations

I’ve been having more and more conversations about employee growth and development. This extends beyond the tired and overused phrase Employee Engagement. I think it’s fascinating that so many write, and talk, and present of the importance of retention but little is really done to ensure that their company shines when it comes to these efforts.

Talent Attraction vs. Talent Management

Is there really a difference between talent attraction and talent management? Shouldn’t there be a concerted and continued effort to attract the talent you have already acquired? I am often dumbfounded by the crazy amount of effort that goes into talent attraction, recruitment marketing, employer branding, and hiring when compared to the lack of efforts put into retention, employee development, and succession planning. Is there no real understanding of what it takes to replace a good,

Rayanne Thorn
February 2, 2017

The Employee Portal

Dovetail Software was very excited to launch our updated employee portal last September. As we continue to help organizations with employee communications and interactions, we understand the need to listen to what is important to employees because this assists our clients, the employers.

Empower Employees

Does it make sense to empower the workforce with “self” access to information? We think it does. Making  knowledge readily and easily available, they are able to get answers quickly and easily. I have always felt that an informed and smart workforce is a productive and loyal workforce. The information shared with employees becomes another notch toward employee engagement, which we know leads to less attrition and retention of talent – obviously quality talent because they have chosen to become or stay informed about their own employment and ask questions they need

Kane Frisby
September 7, 2016


Social, Mobile, Analytics, Cloud or SMAC-enabled HR technologies are revolutionizing our industry, smacking human resources with powerful tools to support their company’s Digital Workplace vision by providing Digital HR applications which connect with the modern workforce.

We have all been told, by now, of the millennial rock stars who won’t work for us unless we connect with them in the world they rock – and it’s true!

You not only need to empower employees and managers to keep them engaged, but you must also enable them – people enablement is key to productivity.

People Enablement

HR Technology is a big driver for people enablement. Alas, the reader is likely feeling troubled with the notion of costly technology investments, a platoon of expensive onsite technology consultants, and months turning into years of project timescales that never seem to

Rayanne Thorn
January 29, 2016

Dovetail HR Reporting

We recently upgraded our reporting engine to deliver the robust experience HR needs when it comes to understanding the data they gather and store. I know, I know — there’s that word: data. Guess what? It is part of business today and HR, being a contributor to the success of an organization, knows that numbers and metrics with the analysis of all the data collected is imperative to recognizing what works, what hasn’t worked, what is no longer working,  as well as when it’s time to shift and change, or implement a new process.

What does ROBUST mean?

It means that Dovetail’s upgraded HR Reporting Engine provides:

Out-of-the-Box Report Writing Templates Tight Security Integration Multiple Languages and Cultures “Get Help” Function Familiar Report Creation Interface Report Scheduling Password-protected Export of Reports What does all of this mean?

Dwane Lay
December 21, 2015

The Tradition of Advisory Boards

There’s a long standing tradition of HR tech companies creating advisory boards to help them guide their company.  This has been especially visible over the last few months, and I’ve had several clients and contacts asking about our board, how we use them, and what value they add.  The answer is really simple.

We don’t have one.

It’s not that we haven’t thought about it or discussed it.  We did.  We had long discussions over it, and as a team made the decision that there wasn’t value to us adding a board.  There are good reasons to have an advisory board, I think.  Here are a few of them, and our perspective.

Product Direction

The obvious (or at least the most often mentioned) benefit of an advisory board is, well, advice.  Getting input from thought

Rayanne Thorn
December 9, 2015

Scott Berg

Scott Berg is a Managing Director and Sr. Research Analyst who closely covers public HR Tech companies, working for Needham & Company, a boutique brokerage firm focused on software technology. Scott has seen a significant shift in the HR Tech buyer – “best of breed,” as opposed to a full suite solution, is driving purchases now and a welcome transition in the space.

“If you are an (#HRTechConf) attendee, you have to go to some of the content sessions.”

Click play above to listen to this interesting interview as Mr. Berg shares his thoughts about business today, what does the customer like/want, and what’s new in technology today. You can learn more about Needham & Company here.

intrepidHR at HR Tech

To listen

Rayanne Thorn
December 4, 2015

Kelly Robinson

Founder and CEO of Broadbean Technology, Kelly Robinson made his way from his jungle at the Broadbean booth to the Dovetail remote radio studio in the Expo Hall at HR Tech in Vegas. Kelly develops technology with the recruiting and HR practitioner in mind, having been a recruiter , himself, for many years. Kelly shared some keen business insights and gives advice to Start-ups about growth, success, and acquisitions.

“It’s a software jungle out there,” said Kelly.

Click play above to listen to this interesting interview as Mr/s Robinson talks about the importance of a great company culture and also addresses analytics and why it’s a key buzzword in HR Technology: you will quickly learn why he is a well-loved boss and how he has found such

Rayanne Thorn
December 3, 2015

Sarah Brennan

We were so happy to have Sarah Brennan as our very first guest on intrepidHR in the Expo Hall at HR Tech in Vegas. Sarah is founder and strategic advisor with Accelir, attending her 10th HR Tech Conference! Sarah touches on the  hottest trends at HR tech this year: employee engagement and analytics.

Sarah also talks about one of HR’s greatest burdens: if something’s broken, it must be the people. This perspective MUST change, how can we do that?

Click play above to listen to this insightful interview with Ms. Brennan, you will soon learn why she is a mainstay in this industry. You can also follow Sarah on Twitter at @ImSoSarah.



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Rayanne Thorn
November 30, 2015

Stacey Harris

Stacey Harris, Vice President of Research Analytics with Sierra-Cedar, stopped by the Dovetail booth at HR Tech for an incredible conversation about the 2015 HR Systems Survey by Sierra Cedar and what’s happening in HR Tech today . Listen in as she shares some discovered insights: Customer Satisfaction, User Experience, as well as a big focus on HR technology Strategy, Self-service/Shared Services, and Mobile

Stacey has been in research for a very long-time, but her ideas and take are refreshing, making this interview a “must-listen”.

Click play above to listen to our interview with Ms. Harris and learn more about this year’s survey and why attending this conference is a good idea for ANYONE in the space.



To listen to all 30 LIVE

Rayanne Thorn
November 23, 2015

Gerry Crispin

Gerry Crispin, known for his thirst of life-long learning, joined us for an incredible conversation that covered everything from candidates experience to employee engagement and retention of quality employees. Listen in as he shares great stories and why his passion remains when it comes to “doing right by the jobseeker”.

Gerry understands that in order to create a better tomorrow, we need to study what’s happening today and make some necessary changes.

Click play above to listen to our interview with Mr. Crispin and learn more about his point of view, you won’t be sorry!



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