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Dwane Lay
August 11, 2015

Employee Engagement Suite


The Dovetail Employee Engagement Suite (EES) was designed around a few simple ideas.


Our clients are smart. Our clients deserve to be able to build and modify their own configuration in ways that suit them. Our clients sometimes have better ideas than we do.


To that end, we purposefully built a system that is all about configuration choices.  This leads to my answering a lot of questions with, “It depends.”

Does the system notify you when you get a new case?  It depends.

Do I have to log in to see my alerts? It depends.

Can I have a hug?  It depends.  (OK, that one usually is a yes.  But you get the point.)

Why is “It depends” the answer?  Because the question of “does it” depends on “have you told it to?”  Have

Emily Lewis
July 10, 2013

The driving forces behind most HR Shared Services Centers is efficiency and quality. Measuring these two attributes in a meaningful way can be can be complex and differs from organization to organization.

In this webinar, industry veteran and Lean Systems authority Dwane Lay will discuss how to define metrics that really matter for your HRSSC, the best ways to present your findings, and how to leverage them into a true competitive advantage.

Emily Lewis
June 27, 2013


According CedarCrestone’s HR Systems Survey, 49 percent of organizations are currently using HR Service Delivery software and 77 percent plan to implement an HR Help Desk solution in the next three years.


However, even as it becomes more main stream, some HR leaders are still struggling to get HR Case Management software moved from the “nice-to-have” to the “must-have” column of the budget.

To help address this, we asked Dovetail customer Tony Murray, HR Director at Diamond B Construction in Alexandria, Louisiana, to share his experience implementing an HR Case Management solution and explain why it’s a “must-have” for his organization.


In this interview, Murray discusses how he identified the need for an HR Case Management solution, how it has solved productivity problems, and how it has helped show his

Dwane Lay
June 25, 2013

By now, you’ve hopefully seen all the posts and tweets about the kickball game at SHRM13. We couldn’t be more proud of what we accomplished. Huge thanks to our sponsors, Dovetail Software and Dice, for helping us make it a reality. Also, of course, thanks to SHRM for bringing us together and supporting our efforts and to No Kid Hungry, the best darned partners a kid could ask for.


And if you somehow still haven’t donated, but would like to, you can find our page right here. It’s never too late to help!


So, ready for the wrap up?





We hope our friends like our small token of appreciation. This would not have happened without them!


Here’s a look at some of

Emily Lewis
May 31, 2013


SHRM National is fast approaching, bringing with it SHRM Kickball! Dovetail Software and Dice are sponsoring the game on Sunday, June 16th at 7pmin Grant Park, with proceeds benefiting No Kid Hungry.


We are so excited to be a part of this event and help feed the more than 16 million children in America who will face hunger this year. Many of you are playing or have donated to players to help to help hungry kids get the healthy food they need every day.


BUT, there is another way to help support the kickball game and raise money for these kids. On Tuesday, June 11th to spread awareness and raise money, we will be holding a tweet-a-thon.  Every time @Dovetail, #SHRMKickball, and a link to the game page is mentioned, Dovetail will donate $1, up to $1000.

Dwane Lay
May 28, 2013

Memorial Day, among other things, signals the start of the late spring/early summer conference season.  For those of us that speak and attend, it also marks the last time our laundry will be caught up and in one place.  I fully expect that from now until July, my wardrobe will be split evenly between my closet, my suitcase and the cleaners.


It is, I think, the most wonderful time of the year.


We come out of the holiday getting ramped up for IHRIM 2013, held in Orlando this year.  Specifically, it’s at the Contemporary Resort at Disneyworld.  Not a bad venue.  For those looking for a summer vacation they can leverage into something work related, it’s great.  For those of us who will be too busy working to enjoy the parks…actually, it’s still pretty great.  No

Dwane Lay
May 17, 2013


I had the pleasure of attending IQPC’s HR Shared Services and Outsourcing Summit this week.  It was a wonderful collection of HRSSC leaders from around the contry coming together to talk about their challenges, their successes and their plans for future improvements.  These are some of my favorite HR teams to be around, as they have embraced Lean philosophy and data driven performance like few other groups.


I was fortunate to be asked to run a workshop on HR metrics, which I greatly enjoyed.  While there were a few attendees that were looking for a list of metrics at the start, they all seemed pleased with the approach we took instead.  We looked at how to determine the right metrics to track, as well as the best way to present data as information.  It was a great two

Emily Lewis
May 9, 2013

The 13th HR Shared Services and Outsourcing Summit is next week, May 13th – May 15th, in Chicago and we are thrilled to be sponsoring it for the first time. Designed for executives in all stages of HR transformation, this is the community’s trusted event for peer-to-peer sharing, workshops and mix-and-match sessions based on your HR services delivery model’s maturity level and overall business goals.


There are two break-out track sessions – one around planning and implementation and the other on continuous improvement and globalization. Dovetail client Tim Droegkamp, Global HR Technology Manager at Brady Corporation will be leading the first session in the Planning and Implementation Track at 10:15am on Tuesday, May 14th. His session, Change Management and Technology User Adoption for HR Shared Services Centers, will cover:


how to successfully manage technology and business process transitions for the HR team

Emily Lewis
April 29, 2013

As you may have noticed, recently many of our educational resources have focused on HR Shared Services and building a successful HR service delivery model. Our latest eBook and last week’s webinar discussed key components necessary for creating a service delivery model that improves efficiency, lowers costs, and gives HR professionals the tools they need to be a strategic player within their organizations. However, one important consideration that we haven’t yet discussed and will cover in our next webinar is how to centralize HR, yet still connect with employees across the globe on a local level.


Cultural, religious and legislative differences determine and influence HR policy and practices in different part of the world. However, the goal of HR Shared Services Centers (HR SSCs) that operate worldwide is to standardize their core HR systems and processes globally.

Emily Lewis

Most organizations implement HR Shared Services Centers (HR SSC) for two main reasons: 1) they want to lower costs related to HR service delivery and improve efficiency, 2) they want free up HR leadership to handle more strategic initiatives and be less transactional.


The idea is familiar enough. Empower employees to answer their own questions through an employee self-service portal and provide a centralized place for employees to get their questions answered by HR agents that are readily available. This frees up your HR specialists to focus on more strategic initiatives and improves the level of service you provide your employees.


The only caveat is that in order for it to work, the knowledge – often times stored in the heads of experienced HR specialists – must be accessible both to those first tier HR agents fielding calls/emails and

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