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Traci Deveau
August 5, 2014

Last week, I had the pleasure of attending the HRSSI Conference in Atlanta. The conference is a Human Resources (HR) Shared Services event for HR Executives and Jim Scully has done a nice job of marketing to that particular audience with content rich in information without the SALES pitch of other HR Shared Services shows.  It is appropriately named the HRSSI Shared Service Institute Executive Retreat. I came away from the HRSSI retreat with a few new friends and some valuable insight on current trends, challenges and what technology solutions are prevalent in HR Shared Services today. Many of the scheduled presenters had solid metrics that they were willing to share and discuss. I left with a burning question though…why are so many of Fortune Top 500 Companies forced to use their  IT Departments CRM

Mike Hiltabidle
December 4, 2013

In my role with Dovetail Software I get the opportunity to meet with many different HR organizations and companies from across the country, all with unique HR Service Delivery needs. I must say that it is always interesting to see how differently folks handle the tracking and workflow process of Employee / HR interactions. It seems that almost all companies are at different stages of what I call “HR Case Management Consciousness”. They span from completely understanding the value and importance, and perhaps are even running a fully functioning HR Shared Service Center where all interactions are captured, handled and reportable, to companies that are still using manual processes or nothing at all. In any case, all of these conversations are thought provoking and highly enlightening.


One vertical that really seems to see the value of HR Case Management

Emily Lewis
March 15, 2013

Join us on March 26th from 12:30 – 1:30pm CT to hear Mike Haberman, co-founder of Omega HR Solutions and widely known in HR circles at “the Compliance Guy”, and Dovetail’s Head of HR Process Design Dwane Lay discuss how to ensure employee relations practices meet the needs of federal statutes and comply with employment laws in 5 Best Practices for Compliant and Consistent Employee Relations.


Shortcomings in key areas of compliance with today’s complex and rapidly-evolving laws can put companies at significant financial and legal risk. HR professionals who understand how changing employment laws affect HR policies and procedures are invaluable to their organizations.


In this interactive webinar, Mike and Dwane will discuss ways you can become the HR compliance expert in your organization and share best practices for compliant

Dwane Lay
January 28, 2013

I’ve been lucky enough to work with organizations that have employee self-service to varying degrees.  Some push every piece of work back to the crowd, some only make it look like the employee can do anything on their own.  Not all self-service systems are created equal, and if they were the implementation plan and functional design would make sure there are winners and losers in each instance.  Because this tool is so easy to put into place and, if done right, so valuable to the organization, we thought it a worthwhile endeavor to share some thoughts on the fine art of building a great self service tool.


There are ways of ensuring employee self service is well define and well executed, and they start, as most projects do, with an understanding of who the customers really are.


So, for whom is

Dwane Lay
June 5, 2012

I’ve been fortunate enough in my career to work in several major functions, including Operations, Quality, IT and, of course, HR. You could probably deduce that HR has a special place in my heart, since it is where I decided to stay. But the intersection of HR and IT is, to me, the most amazing area in which to spend your time. Great HR people who are tech savvy working beside brilliant technical minds who understand how to interact with others. It’s a truly remarkable field.


The best thing, though, is the impact HR technology can have when it is done right.


One of the toughest things about being in HR is the aching need to help others that so many practitioners face every day. Oh sure, there are some knuckleheads in every organization that you could live

Emily Lewis
May 9, 2012

If you are a Dovetail email subscriber, you probably got an email invitation today for this month’s webinar: Monitoring & Improving the Workplace with Preventive Employee Relations. I hope you’re able to attend because on May 22nd at 1:30 ET, we will host 3 passionate and influential HR experts and get their take on what it means to practice preventive employee relations successfully.

When you hear the word “preventive” in a HR setting, odds are healthcare comes to mind, but as we discuss in our latest knowledge article 4 Key Components of Preventive Employee Relations, employee wellness is about more than just employees’ physical health. Preventive Employee Relations relies on the detection of trends, patterns and inconsistencies related to ER such as discrimination, harassment and bullying in the workplace. This enables

Emily Lewis
March 19, 2012

In my last post, I referenced a recent study by the Society of Human Resource Management, which revealed that senior-level HR executives rank the opportunity to do strategic planning as one of the key elements of job satisfaction. For most HR professionals, that means having the metrics necessary to identify and solve business problems.


While HR organizations have caught onto the importance of tracking HR metrics, such as performance, employee engagement and turnover, many fail to measure employee relations (ER) metrics, which can be just as critical to your organization’s strategic plan, with the same precision.


If tracked correctly, ER metrics can help determine the root cause of workforce trends in your organization. In thiswebinar, human capital strategy consultant and 20-year HR veteran Cathy Missildine-Martin will reveal five

Emily Lewis
January 26, 2012

Many of you joined us for our January webinar Mitigating Legal Risk with HR Case Management, which discussed using technology to ensure a consistent process for handling employee grievances. The theme of the webinar: Lawsuits are expensive. Don’t let your organization lose them because you lack a solid process for handling and documenting employee grievances.

We’re shifting gears a little for February’s webinar 10 Ways to Nurture Your New Hires, in which Chief Talent Scout for Clear Channel Communications and human strategies expert Morgan Hoogvelt will provide insights and best practices for successful onboarding. But you’ll probably pick up a similar theme: New hires are expensive. Don’t let your organization lose them because you fail to execute onboarding successfully.

In this webinar, we will discuss how to get

Emily Lewis
January 20, 2012

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