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Rayanne Thorn
February 2, 2017

The Employee Portal

Dovetail Software was very excited to launch our updated employee portal last September. As we continue to help organizations with employee communications and interactions, we understand the need to listen to what is important to employees because this assists our clients, the employers.

Empower Employees

Does it make sense to empower the workforce with “self” access to information? We think it does. Making  knowledge readily and easily available, they are able to get answers quickly and easily. I have always felt that an informed and smart workforce is a productive and loyal workforce. The information shared with employees becomes another notch toward employee engagement, which we know leads to less attrition and retention of talent – obviously quality talent because they have chosen to become or stay informed about their own employment and ask questions they need

Kane Frisby
September 7, 2016


Social, Mobile, Analytics, Cloud or SMAC-enabled HR technologies are revolutionizing our industry, smacking human resources with powerful tools to support their company’s Digital Workplace vision by providing Digital HR applications which connect with the modern workforce.

We have all been told, by now, of the millennial rock stars who won’t work for us unless we connect with them in the world they rock – and it’s true!

You not only need to empower employees and managers to keep them engaged, but you must also enable them – people enablement is key to productivity.

People Enablement

HR Technology is a big driver for people enablement. Alas, the reader is likely feeling troubled with the notion of costly technology investments, a platoon of expensive onsite technology consultants, and months turning into years of project timescales that never seem to

David Greyson
February 5, 2015

It’s no mystery, nor is it revolutionary when it comes to the concept of an organization empowering its workforce to answer their own questions in order to offload HR service delivery staff.  Transactional portals have been allowing for the update of personal information, checking and enrolling in benefits, and searching FAQ’s for years.  We’ve even seen significant employee onboarding being moved to the web and intranets, as well as a real push to true organizational cultural immersion and employee engagement via personalized portals.

However, slightly newer to the game has been the offering of Case Management functionality to portals.  Even more cutting edge and something unique to Dovetail’s Employee Engagement Suite is the power of embedding Employee Self Service Case Management and

Emily Lewis
April 29, 2013

As you may have noticed, recently many of our educational resources have focused on HR Shared Services and building a successful HR service delivery model. Our latest eBook and last week’s webinar discussed key components necessary for creating a service delivery model that improves efficiency, lowers costs, and gives HR professionals the tools they need to be a strategic player within their organizations. However, one important consideration that we haven’t yet discussed and will cover in our next webinar is how to centralize HR, yet still connect with employees across the globe on a local level.


Cultural, religious and legislative differences determine and influence HR policy and practices in different part of the world. However, the goal of HR Shared Services Centers (HR SSCs) that operate worldwide is to standardize their core HR systems and processes globally.

Emily Lewis

Most organizations implement HR Shared Services Centers (HR SSC) for two main reasons: 1) they want to lower costs related to HR service delivery and improve efficiency, 2) they want free up HR leadership to handle more strategic initiatives and be less transactional.


The idea is familiar enough. Empower employees to answer their own questions through an employee self-service portal and provide a centralized place for employees to get their questions answered by HR agents that are readily available. This frees up your HR specialists to focus on more strategic initiatives and improves the level of service you provide your employees.


The only caveat is that in order for it to work, the knowledge – often times stored in the heads of experienced HR specialists – must be accessible both to those first tier HR agents fielding calls/emails and

Emily Lewis
April 11, 2013

As many of you know, we recently released the eBook 5 Essentials for Making HR Service Delivery Look & Feel Effortless with cfactor, one of our partners. The ebook offers insight from five HR experts on how to build an HR service delivery model that improves efficiency, lowers costs, and gives HR professionals the tools they need to be a strategic player within their organizations. In it, employee portal and self service expert Cary Schuler, CEO of cfactor, discusses the importance of real-time access to essential information to ensure your self service portal is accomplishing its objectives.


Since effective employee self service is such a huge component efficient and cost-effective HR service delivery, I asked Cary to expand on some of the concepts he discusses in the eBook. Check out our conversation below:



Emily Lewis: Unification is a

Emily Lewis
April 9, 2013

Jim Scully, founder and president of the Shared Services Institute (HRSSI) and 20-year shared services veteran, contributed to our latest eBook 5 Essentials for Making HR Service Delivery Look & Feel Effortless and discussed the definition of HR shared services and the components necessary for a true shared services delivery model. In it, he notes that it’s difficult to distinguish between shared services and simple centralization when in reality, they are very different concepts.


I recently had the opportunity to catch up with Jim and chat about shared services, technology and his definition of a successful HR service delivery model. Take a look:


Emily Lewis: You have almost 20 years of experience in shared services. How has shared services changed and evolved in the last 20 years? 


Jim Scully: Shared services is like one of those massive road races,

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