HR Carnival
Dwane Lay
June 15, 2016

It’s Back!

Carnival of HR: I feel like we just finished sweeping up the popcorn and peanut shells from last time, and yet here we are!

I’m always excited to get to host the carnival.  It’s a great chance for us to stay connected to the HR community that means so much to us, and to share our platform with great authors in our space.  Thanks to all of you for visiting and reading.  Please take a few minutes to check out the links.

Theme: Conferences

Our theme, loosely applied as always, is around conferences.  We do a lot of them, and we were very much looking forward to SHRM16 this month.  We’ve realized, though, that the show starts on Father’s Day this year.  That’s happened in the past, and it usually kills off any chance of attending for me. 

Traci Deveau
February 26, 2015

A Change Would Do You Good


How many times in the last few years (be honest) have you been involved in an HR project to identify something…a process, a model, a technology, a strategy to improve overall performance? How many times has that project been put on hold due to funding, resources, lack of leadership backing, or something else? And how many times has the broken inefficient process just continued? Does it all stem from a poorly supported or drafted business plan? In truth there are a hundred reasons why a project doesn’t come to fruition. But one stands above them all.

A change would do you good, yet your business won’t successfully change or evolve when the PROCESS continues to be broken.

Traci Deveau
January 13, 2014

RFP Hell

RFP = Request for Proposal

RFI = Request for Information

RFQ = Request for Quote

So you want to create an RFP for your human resources (HR) project huh? Really? Why? I find it funny that so many companies are putting HR projects out for an RFP without a clear goal in mind. I mean, essentially they all have the same goal overall, don’t they…to get the best solution at the lowest possible cost. But, shouldn’t there be a higher objective? Shouldn’t the goal be to determine how each vendor matches up against the unique requirements of your organization? Shouldn’t there be at least one SPECIFIC goal that means something to your company?  What are you REALLY trying to accomplish? Certainly it isn’t to

Dwane Lay
June 5, 2012

I’ve been fortunate enough in my career to work in several major functions, including Operations, Quality, IT and, of course, HR. You could probably deduce that HR has a special place in my heart, since it is where I decided to stay. But the intersection of HR and IT is, to me, the most amazing area in which to spend your time. Great HR people who are tech savvy working beside brilliant technical minds who understand how to interact with others. It’s a truly remarkable field.


The best thing, though, is the impact HR technology can have when it is done right.


One of the toughest things about being in HR is the aching need to help others that so many practitioners face every day. Oh sure, there are some knuckleheads in every organization that you could live

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