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Rayanne Thorn
December 23, 2015

Jason Lauritsen, Director of Best Places to Work at Quantum Workplace

Jason Lauritsen stopped by the remote intrepidHR studio at the Dovetail booth in the Expo Hall at HR Tech to talk about Prioritizing the Needs of the Individual. Jason shared with us a bit more about Culture, Workplace, and What Really Matters.

“Employee Experience is what really matters – providing purposeful work.”

The new buzzword? Machine Learning = new snazzy name for predictive analytics. Click above to listen to the full interview with Mr. Lauritsen.


Jason Lauritsen on Twitter
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intrepidHR at HR Tech

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Kane Frisby
June 9, 2015

hr systems, hr saas, fake cloud systemsI took the title and input for this blog from John Hoebler’s, Technology Lead at CrossCountry Consulting, excellent post recently entitled, “Don’t be fooled by ‘fake cloud’ finance systems” – I changed the title ever so slightly, to really place emphasis on the level of fabricated fashion in today’s SaaS vendor space, and of course it’s important to HR professionals too!

One can immediately see the Barbie® doll, and recognize it’s not a reality – it’s easy to do that from one glance. However, SaaS (Software as a Service) is hidden from view, under the hood, safe and sound…or is it?

Real SaaS vendors might start to

Kane Frisby
May 28, 2015


Survey Season is open, so make sure you stand up and be counted!  But wait, did you know why you should even care about the Sierra-Cedar HR Systems Survey? If you’re in HR, regardless of role, this affects you – read on to learn how you can help catapult HR in your company!

The HR Systems Survey is the longest running, most widely distributed, and most highly participative research effort in the HR industry, annually tracking the adoption, deployment approaches, and value achieved from HR technologies. It studies the roadmaps organizations navigate and decisions they make regarding technology, integrations, processes, and people when building an HR function that serves their workforce and supports

Jennifer Sweet
April 6, 2015

Dovetail is excited to be sponsoring at the LEHRN (Leading Edge Human Resources Network) HR Technology Expo this Thursday, April 9th, in Minneapolis, MN. This one-day event features the latest in the strategic workforce and talent management space. The day will feature educational sessions on emerging topics and trends (full agenda) and product demos (ShopperTracks) by key exhibitors and sponsors from many top HR technology players.

We’ll be demonstrating Dovetail Employee Engagement Suite V13, which combines HR Case Management, Knowledge Management, Employee Service Portal to enable companies to do a better job of tracking, managing and reporting on HR-related issues and requests.

The event will focus on five key trends HR professionals must understand as workplaces evolve around them. These trends include: a new focus on team leaders within organizations as the drivers of business and

David Greyson
February 5, 2015

It’s no mystery, nor is it revolutionary when it comes to the concept of an organization empowering its workforce to answer their own questions in order to offload HR service delivery staff.  Transactional portals have been allowing for the update of personal information, checking and enrolling in benefits, and searching FAQ’s for years.  We’ve even seen significant employee onboarding being moved to the web and intranets, as well as a real push to true organizational cultural immersion and employee engagement via personalized portals.

However, slightly newer to the game has been the offering of Case Management functionality to portals.  Even more cutting edge and something unique to Dovetail’s Employee Engagement Suite is the power of embedding Employee Self Service Case Management and

Jennifer Sweet
January 27, 2015

If you have, great!

If you haven’t, you could miss your chance to have your valuable thoughts and insight included in some influential findings that help to shape the landscape of HR Shared Services!

Brought to you by Jim Scully and the HR Shared Services Institute, Dovetail has been a proud champion of the survey for the last few years. Since publishing the first comprehensive HR Service Delivery Practices Survey six years ago,  HRSSI has continued to deliver industry-leading insights into a broad range of HR delivery practices.

This is an important year for the survey as they launch their newest research project, the 2015 HR Delivery Trends Survey. This survey probes three major trends in HR service delivery: globalization of HR delivery models, HR shared services scope expansion and cloud HRMS adoption (topics

David Greyson
January 20, 2015

The Evolution of HR Case Management

As I think back 3 to 4 years ago, it’s somewhat shocking how fast the practice of HR Case Management has evolved.  Customers we’ve deployed say they can’t even imagine their days without their extremely handy tool now.   Those running complex HR shared services models, returning detailed HR analytics and always fine tuning their movements take it a step further, claiming they simply don’t see how they could run their HR service delivery practice without one.  Not to sound smug, but we at Dovetail always wondered how HR was doing as well as they were without some serious technological help in this area.  We had been delivering case management technology to customer support centers for so long, witnessing firsthand the

Traci Deveau
August 5, 2014

Last week, I had the pleasure of attending the HRSSI Conference in Atlanta. The conference is a Human Resources (HR) Shared Services event for HR Executives and Jim Scully has done a nice job of marketing to that particular audience with content rich in information without the SALES pitch of other HR Shared Services shows.  It is appropriately named the HRSSI Shared Service Institute Executive Retreat. I came away from the HRSSI retreat with a few new friends and some valuable insight on current trends, challenges and what technology solutions are prevalent in HR Shared Services today. Many of the scheduled presenters had solid metrics that they were willing to share and discuss. I left with a burning question though…why are so many of Fortune Top 500 Companies forced to use their  IT Departments CRM

Dovetail HR
April 21, 2014

Thursday, April 3, 2014 – 12:30 PM – 1:30 PM CDT

Join us for a webinar sharing findings from the HR Shared Services Institute’s 2014 annual HR Delivery Practices Survey. The survey’s author and president of the HR Shared Services Institute Jim Scully will present findings specifically related to the use of HR technology.

The webinar will cover the tools and tactics your peers are using to benchmark performance, foster continuous improvement and track productivity gains. You will learn:

• What goals HR leaders set for productivity and how they’re measuring them
• The most commonly tracked metrics for HR Shared Services Centers
• How data is collected, reported on and presented to executive leadership
• Where HR SSCs are currently allocating budget and resources and their plans for the future

As a webinar participant, you will

Emily Lewis
March 19, 2014

Dovetail is hosting a webinar sharing the results of the 2014 HR Service Delivery Practices survey related to the use of HR Help Desk software in a Shared Services Center.

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