HR Tech Conference Las Vegas
Dwane Lay
September 16, 2014

I never tire of conference season.  Getting to see so many familiar faces, hearing the latest from the world of Human Resources and shared services, seeing all the advances in the HR technology world are perks of the job.  And I’m excited to say the season is upon us again.  It is, truly, the most wonderful time of the year.

If you happen to be out and about, I’d love the chance to say hello.  The standing offer, as usual, is that if we’ve not met before and you catch up to me, I’ll buy the first round of coffee.  So where can you cash in?  We will be making our annual trek to the HR Technology Conference, of course.  This year we’re also supporting our friends at cFactor as they host an Onboarding event featuring

Emily Lewis
August 18, 2014

Tim Sackett, a self-described typical HR buyer, recently blogged about why he hates buying HR software. He expressed sentiments that I’m sure many HR buyers can relate to, including the reoccurring suspicion that he’s getting an unfair deal. He’s even teaming up with Steve Boese to deliver a webinar on how to avoid getting taken when purchasing technology. If you are a technology buyer, I would highly recommend checking it out.


But as he says in his post, one of the ways to ensure you’re not getting ripped off is to check, and this starts with your network and your knowledge. Two things you can grow at the HR Technology Conference and Expo this year.


This conference is the largest conference focused on HR technology in the world.  Last year, more

Dwane Lay
October 21, 2013

I love HR Tech, but you probably knew that.  Being part of the Dovetail team has given me a very different perspective on it, though.  In the past, most of my time was spent in the sessions, which are great.  This year, our booth was so busy, I didn’t get much of a chance to step away.  I found, though, that you can pick up some great information as a vendor without wandering far from home.

The attendees this year were, I think, more educated than I’ve seen in the past.  I’m basing this on the number of people who really knew what they were looking for, as opposed to wandering the floor with glazed eyes.  I was part of several conversations around how the technology market has evolved lately and what it means to them.  They are more concerned

Emily Lewis
September 14, 2011

conference picWe’re so excited to sponsor the Human Resources Executive’s 14th Annual HR Technology Conference & Exposition, Oct 2nd – 5th at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas, NV. The conference draws top HR executive’s from all over the world, and this year they’re expecting over 2500 attendees. We will have a strong presence at the event and can be found at Booth #353 in the Expo Hall where attendees can stop by to see a personalized demo of Dovetail Support Suite for HR and chat with our team about how our solutions can help your HR organization. Additionally, you can be one of the first to see Dovetail Support Suite Version 3.0, which we’re launching at the show. This latest release includes new features, such as social media integration

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