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Dwane Lay
June 22, 2017

Discussion and Confusion about the Difference

There is a healthy amount of discussion (and an unhealthy amount of confusion) over the difference between configuration and customization where software is concerned. If you are one of our clients (and if you aren’t, there’s way to fix that), you probably know this already, but we think it is a big enough deal that we thought we’d talk about it more. And we’ve done a quick 30-min presentation on this same topic.

If you’ve had more than two conversations with me, you’ll know that I love analogies.  In fact, my love for analogies is like a simile. I’m not always great with either of them. But to explain the difference between customization and configuration, I have just the analogy for the job.  We will use the wardrobes of two

Dovetail HR
September 20, 2016

Healthcare HR Expertise

jay-kuhnsNot too long ago, or veep of marketing sat down with Healthcare HR expert, Jay Kuhns. Jay heads up Healthcare Strategy at Kinetix and is known as THE guy when it comes to forward thinking in a Healthcare HR department.

He travels all over the country speaking, presenting, keynoting, and assisting HR departments in healthcare organization understand the impact of employment branding, employee engagement, and employee experience and how these each contribute to the retention of quality healthcare employees.

Blessed, Lucky, Fortunate

We feel blessed, lucky, and fortunate at Dovetail to call Jay a friend and mentor when it comes to Healthcare HR, He knows his stuff and we are only too happy to share it with you.

HR Latte

Dovetail HR sponsors HR Latte where Jay was recently the

Dwane Lay
June 1, 2016

Some Assembly Required

When you swing by Target to pick up a Lego Millennium Falcon, you probably don’t expect to open that box at home and find a fully-built Falcon waiting for you. Instead, you expect to see organized bags of pieces and instructions on putting your new space ride together. Frankly, if you did get one already put together, you’d probably want to take it apart and start over. And maybe you want your Falcon to be a little different. Maybe you want the new square radar dish instead of the classic round version. Maybe you want to add more thrusters, or more guns, or finally get the hyperdrive upgraded in your version. That’s the best thing about Lego. You can do whatever you want. And you can always take it apart and do something different later.

A good

Dovetail HR
May 23, 2016

Part 3 of series with HR Expert Jay Kuhns

Series: Healthcare HR Check-Up Key Point Podcast

Episode 3

Jay Kuhns, VP of Healthcare Strategy at Kinetix HR addresses Today’s Technology for Healthcare HR in Part 3 of quick-hit podcast, key point podcast.

The New Tools “I’ve been pushing myself to learn lately. The new tools that are redefining how executives transform their brands, their teams, and their organizations are exploding all around us. I know that if I do not stay current I will fail. We no longer have the cop-out options of having too many projects, too many meetings, or not enough time to keep up. When have effective leaders ever had ‘enough time?’ For God’s sake, stop saying that.” – Jay Kuhns from No Community – No Future

Jay addresses Technology Today in

Dwane Lay
May 16, 2016

Be Prepared Before Change Happens

As a partner for some of the best companies in the world, we get a unique view of talent movement in the business world.  Sometimes, that means seeing system administrators move on to bigger roles, either with their current company or a new one.  While we are always happy to see our friends being successful, it does lead to some difficulties if the proper preparation hasn’t been taken.  If you are a system owner, champion, administrator, or power user, there are a few important things to keep in mind as you go through your daily life.

Ownership Matters

One of the earliest signs of system atrophy is seeing a system owner or champion change roles.  When a system is put in place, no matter the size, it is because someone cared enough to make it

Rayanne Thorn
January 11, 2016

Mark Stelzner of IAHR on HR Tech Implementation

Mark Stelzner popped by our booth, taking time out of his busy schedule to share some insights and advice regarding the implementation of HR Tech – “It’s never over!”

Mark presented, “How Do You Build an Entire HR Technology Roadmap” at the conference and took a few minutes out of his very busy schedule to teach us a bit about the changes that are happening and need to happen in HR Tech – we need to see a return to great customer service as more and more HR suite solutions move to the cloud, as “This is about people.”

“With the ferocity of change,
good client vendors are releasing new functionality
at a pace and cadence that is unprecedented.” – Mark Stelzner

Rayanne Thorn
December 28, 2015

Chip Luman, COO and Co-Founder of HireVue

We welcomed Chip Luman to our remote intrepidHR studio at the Dovetail booth in the Expo Hall at HR Tech to talk about Digital Communication to Assist with Better Decision-Making.  Chip was eager to share with us what’s new at HireVue and how they continue to succeed.

“The most important thing about attending a conference is ‘go talk to people’ –
it’s really about engaging.”

Breaking down the data and how can we use it to learn more about what’s going on within your organization. Chip Luman shared a bit more on this topic, Digital Scientist? This is the hot new job. How do you learn more from ALL the information we are collecting.

Chip Luman on Twitter
Learn more about

Rayanne Thorn
December 9, 2015

Scott Berg

Scott Berg is a Managing Director and Sr. Research Analyst who closely covers public HR Tech companies, working for Needham & Company, a boutique brokerage firm focused on software technology. Scott has seen a significant shift in the HR Tech buyer – “best of breed,” as opposed to a full suite solution, is driving purchases now and a welcome transition in the space.

“If you are an (#HRTechConf) attendee, you have to go to some of the content sessions.”

Click play above to listen to this interesting interview as Mr. Berg shares his thoughts about business today, what does the customer like/want, and what’s new in technology today. You can learn more about Needham & Company here.

intrepidHR at HR Tech

To listen

Rayanne Thorn
December 4, 2015

Kelly Robinson

Founder and CEO of Broadbean Technology, Kelly Robinson made his way from his jungle at the Broadbean booth to the Dovetail remote radio studio in the Expo Hall at HR Tech in Vegas. Kelly develops technology with the recruiting and HR practitioner in mind, having been a recruiter , himself, for many years. Kelly shared some keen business insights and gives advice to Start-ups about growth, success, and acquisitions.

“It’s a software jungle out there,” said Kelly.

Click play above to listen to this interesting interview as Mr/s Robinson talks about the importance of a great company culture and also addresses analytics and why it’s a key buzzword in HR Technology: you will quickly learn why he is a well-loved boss and how he has found such

Rayanne Thorn
December 3, 2015

Sarah Brennan

We were so happy to have Sarah Brennan as our very first guest on intrepidHR in the Expo Hall at HR Tech in Vegas. Sarah is founder and strategic advisor with Accelir, attending her 10th HR Tech Conference! Sarah touches on the  hottest trends at HR tech this year: employee engagement and analytics.

Sarah also talks about one of HR’s greatest burdens: if something’s broken, it must be the people. This perspective MUST change, how can we do that?

Click play above to listen to this insightful interview with Ms. Brennan, you will soon learn why she is a mainstay in this industry. You can also follow Sarah on Twitter at @ImSoSarah.



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