Dwane Lay
November 7, 2014


I’m very fortunate to be in a role that allows me to work with HR departments around the world. I get the chance to see areas in which we, as a practice, thrive or struggle, where we are growing, where we can improve, and the shared struggle of practitioners everywhere to be effective in taking care of our service groups. And there is one common enemy, one shared scourge, one universal pain point with which my brethren wrestle daily. And that long-tendriled beast is known as email. In many ways, it is the bane of our existence.

That doesn’t mean that we should do without. In fact, for anyone serving a 24/7 operation without a 24/7 HR function, email is a critical communication path.

Dwane Lay
August 15, 2014


This week I had the privilege of sitting in as a guest on HR Happy Hour.  (If you are interested, you can listen to the replay here.)   The topic was Heartland HR, specifically trends we have seen in the last few weeks as I spoke at ILSHRM and MOSHRM.  This happened in the same week I was working with teams in six different countries for one client while simultaneously preparing a trip that will take me to two different continents this weekend to work with another client.  In between, I spoke with an HR leader who is building out their HR Shared Services function and trying to figure out how to put an HR case management system in place without causing any heartburn for the team.  It’s a lot of perspectives

Kane Frisby
January 31, 2014

Who cares what engine is in the hire car, who cares if the oil needs changing, who really cares if the radio is a bit faulty, who even cares the breaks need servicing, or the tyres have a bald patch – erm, yes those bits we really do care about.

Thankfully there are laws, and standards in place to avoid this.  Sadly, the same cannot be said about the SaaS (Software as a Service) technology industry.

Dovetail Software partners with Amazon Web Services to host the Dovetail Employee Engagement Suite (Dovetail EES). We took a strategic decision to host with Amazon, who have been recognised several times as the clear leader by Gartner in Cloud Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) category, as we knew

Kane Frisby
January 7, 2014

My fellow colleague Dwane Lay recently wrote a blog entry regarding Service Level Agreements (SLA’s) and how we both have slight different views on SLA’s in relation to Case Management.

What does SLA actually mean?

Firstly if we step back and ask ourselves “what do we actually mean by the term SLA?” I often hear people speak of an SLA as simply an amount of time a Service Provider has to respond or provide a resolution for a Customer issue; although these are components of an SLA, this is not a true definition of one.  An SLA is much more than this!

An SLA is an agreement between two parties, that describes the service provided, documents the Service Level Targets (what the service will be measured against, think KPI’s), and specifies the responsibilities of the Service Provider

Kane Frisby
December 10, 2013

A key part of any vendor evaluation during an RFP process is to really get to know your potential vendors.  Certain due diligence should be performed against the short listed vendors to ascertain the fit between the vendor and your organisation.  Factors such as: Financial, Technical, Functional, and Cultural fit are all important aspects to consider when performing a vendor evaluation against their products and services.

All four of those areas are just as important on day one of becoming a customer, as they are throughout the lifetime of the product and service.

Just looking at the technical aspect, areas that you should at least cover in due diligence include:

Ease and speed of Implementation

How to configure to meet your needs, today and into the future

How often is the application upgraded, and

Kane Frisby
November 14, 2013

Over the many years of working within HR Shared Services and HR Service Delivery I have been involved in various programmes and projects.  Often I was working from the customer side as a sponsor or leading the project from concept through to handover and support (full end to end).


Working on projects in HR Shared Services such as these involves countless hours of research, due diligence and conversing with fellow peers.  Achieved typically by reading analyst reports, research articles, speaking with and hearing thought leader perspectives, reading reviews and posts from great HCM columnists, along with online forums and many more.


I thought it might be useful to the reader if I posted some of those sites, and people that I follow and read, along with the conferences I visit.  This is a multi part

Kane Frisby
November 30, 2012

Are you working on a new or improved HR Shared Service Center? Need that Investment for HR Technology? Want to know what funding resources and ideas are available? Read on…


The latest CedarCrestone Survey (in its 15th edition) is riddled with great information on HR Service Delivery. When I was a practitioner I often used excerpts from this survey to help support HR technology investments for HR Shared Services. One of the key findings in the latest survey around HR Service Delivery within an HRSSC reads – “Service delivery automation delivers at least 15% in administrative savings when pervasive employee and manager self service and a move to shared services with an HR help desk application is adopted.”


That last comment hits the nail on the head! Deploying an 

Kane Frisby
November 29, 2012


I’ve recently joined Dovetail Software as Chief Strategy Officer; my role is to build the company’s vision, focus on product strategy and to identify key strategic alliances that will benefit the firm, our partners and ultimately our customers.  Where did I come from I hear you ask…


Firstly I’m a Brit from across the pond, so I started my career in an English town in Surrey called Woking, sitting on a Customer Support desk working for a company that sold Helpdesk products, which is where I learnt the importance of excellent Customer Service and Support!


Customer Relationship Management (CRM) seemed like an ideal career for me, I have a thirst for knowledge and thrive on sharing what I know with others.  CRM took off in a big way,

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