Rayanne Thorn
November 14, 2017

Yay!  A New Phone

Wait — how many of us REALLY feel that way? Getting a new mobile device is less than joyous when you know you are going to leave the store or check out from your online cart with far less money than with what you arrived. Even with a “free upgrade” – Is anything ever really free? My son is the only person I know who can crack a mobile device screen more than I. Venturing into a phone store often proves I am as cracked as my son’s phone screen, but I am always up for a challenge.
I made sure the store had the one in stock we wanted before we even left the house. I won’t fight over a phone.  The “host” at the AT& T store hesitated, like he knew they didn’t have any.

Dwane Lay
June 22, 2017

Discussion and Confusion about the Difference

There is a healthy amount of discussion (and an unhealthy amount of confusion) over the difference between configuration and customization where software is concerned. If you are one of our clients (and if you aren’t, there’s way to fix that), you probably know this already, but we think it is a big enough deal that we thought we’d talk about it more. And we’ve done a quick 30-min presentation on this same topic.

If you’ve had more than two conversations with me, you’ll know that I love analogies.  In fact, my love for analogies is like a simile. I’m not always great with either of them. But to explain the difference between customization and configuration, I have just the analogy for the job.  We will use the wardrobes of two

Dovetail HR
May 23, 2016

Part 3 of series with HR Expert Jay Kuhns

Series: Healthcare HR Check-Up Key Point Podcast

Episode 3

Jay Kuhns, VP of Healthcare Strategy at Kinetix HR addresses Today’s Technology for Healthcare HR in Part 3 of quick-hit podcast, key point podcast.

The New Tools “I’ve been pushing myself to learn lately. The new tools that are redefining how executives transform their brands, their teams, and their organizations are exploding all around us. I know that if I do not stay current I will fail. We no longer have the cop-out options of having too many projects, too many meetings, or not enough time to keep up. When have effective leaders ever had ‘enough time?’ For God’s sake, stop saying that.” – Jay Kuhns from No Community – No Future

Jay addresses Technology Today in

Dwane Lay
December 21, 2015

The Tradition of Advisory Boards

There’s a long standing tradition of HR tech companies creating advisory boards to help them guide their company.  This has been especially visible over the last few months, and I’ve had several clients and contacts asking about our board, how we use them, and what value they add.  The answer is really simple.

We don’t have one.

It’s not that we haven’t thought about it or discussed it.  We did.  We had long discussions over it, and as a team made the decision that there wasn’t value to us adding a board.  There are good reasons to have an advisory board, I think.  Here are a few of them, and our perspective.

Product Direction

The obvious (or at least the most often mentioned) benefit of an advisory board is, well, advice.  Getting input from thought

Rayanne Thorn
December 16, 2015

Phil Noelting & Phil Hendrickson of Qwalify
– The Makers of Talent Dojo

We were joined in Las Vegas by Phil Noelting, CEO, and Phil Hendrickson, Chief Talent Strategist at Qwalify. This interview is filled with some great information about being a start-up – how to grow the right way and how to bring people into your organization.

“TalentDojo is all about furthering relationships and reinventing the the traditional notion of what a talent community is”

Click play above to listen to this great interview – 2 for the price of 1 – As the Phils share their thoughts about talent communities today, what do they look like and how can we do it better.

“The best time to plant a tree

Kane Frisby
September 8, 2015

“Look For Vendors…”

Not too long ago, I read Starr Conspiracy’ blog post titled “The ADP and Zenefits Kerfuffle, part 2: 5 Lessons for HR Technology Customers and Vendors” from HR Tech analyst and go-to market expert George LaRocque.  A great point was shared which continues to stick with me today:


“Look for vendors that support their integrations like a product – not a service.”  

Sound Advice

This is sound advice to the HR Technology buyer. Not only because buyers don’t want what happened to Zenefits customers to happen to them, but also to consider these

5 reasons partner-built integrations are a sound investment


Technology Stack – A supported partner integration has been built with both parties being involved.  This means their technology stack has

Traci Deveau
August 5, 2014

Last week, I had the pleasure of attending the HRSSI Conference in Atlanta. The conference is a Human Resources (HR) Shared Services event for HR Executives and Jim Scully has done a nice job of marketing to that particular audience with content rich in information without the SALES pitch of other HR Shared Services shows.  It is appropriately named the HRSSI Shared Service Institute Executive Retreat. I came away from the HRSSI retreat with a few new friends and some valuable insight on current trends, challenges and what technology solutions are prevalent in HR Shared Services today. Many of the scheduled presenters had solid metrics that they were willing to share and discuss. I left with a burning question though…why are so many of Fortune Top 500 Companies forced to use their  IT Departments CRM

Traci Deveau
August 22, 2013

Based on my years of professional experience in HR technology and implementation in particular, I’d like offer some thoughts on why software implementations fail.


In my opinion, the reason many implementations fail is actually two-fold. Either the process is made unnecessarily complicated and weighed down by bureaucracy or the overall project isn’t given enough merit and by that I mean not having the right team members in place, adequate time devoted to the project, clear cut objectives, a lack of strategic planning, and finally often saddled with a deadline that prohibits success.


The dreaded over complicated project typically drags on endlessly, is often over complicated by a series of scope calls where no one makes strategic decisions without a series of sub-meetings and second guessing. These implementations often have too many team members involved in the process which

Kane Frisby
November 30, 2012

Are you working on a new or improved HR Shared Service Center? Need that Investment for HR Technology? Want to know what funding resources and ideas are available? Read on…


The latest CedarCrestone Survey (in its 15th edition) is riddled with great information on HR Service Delivery. When I was a practitioner I often used excerpts from this survey to help support HR technology investments for HR Shared Services. One of the key findings in the latest survey around HR Service Delivery within an HRSSC reads – “Service delivery automation delivers at least 15% in administrative savings when pervasive employee and manager self service and a move to shared services with an HR help desk application is adopted.”


That last comment hits the nail on the head! Deploying an 

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