Dovetail HR
November 9, 2017

Certified Solution Partner with Workday

Our commitment to and collaboration with Workday delivers a real-time, bi-directional software integration, Dovetail achieved Certified status as a software solution partner to global HCM giant, Workday back in July, 2015.

Our Employee Engagement Suite is the perfect compliment to the Workday offering, allowing HR professionals to track real-time HR processes and engagement with every employee, ensuring organizational and staff needs are met. Throughout the certification process, we worked closely with our Workday counterparts to create a seamless integration.

We continue to cement our Workday alliance by providing HR solutions imperative for success in today’s human resource departments.

As the first Workday Certified HR Case Management and Help Desk Solution, Dovetail is proud of the work we have done to create and maintain our partnership with Workday.

What are the Partnership Benefits?

Why this partnership

Dovetail HR
November 6, 2017

Partnering with Workday

Partnerships are a big part of why companies grow and find success. We love talking about our partnership with Workday – why? Because it’s brought success and benefit to our joint customers. We work with Workday to ensure that the needs of clients are met with the quality they expect.

As we Prepare for Workday Rising

Four years in, Dovetail maintains our Certified Solution Partner status with Workday, as it has brought us the opportunity to continually learn what it means to be a Workday partner, and evolve as necessary.

This partnership is about service, true customer and partner service,
and what that means to us and our clients.

Dovetail will be sharing what we do best, provide an intuitive product that serves HR Practitioners and eases their processes, at the Workday Rising

Rayanne Thorn
October 3, 2017

One of my favorite quotes from David Duffield, Co-founder /Co-CEO Workday is,
“I’m sort of a foot-on-the-gas kind of guy.”

We’ve noticed and we are happy for the ride!

The Power of Partnerships

I’ve been able to see first hand the power of partnerships over the last several years while working for and with HR Tech companies. Establishing and maintaining partnership relationships has developed some lasting friendships and superior allies in a space many of us love. Our partnership with Workday is no different. The Dovetail team works closely with Workday to ensure that the needs of clients are consistently met with the quality those clients have come to expect.

As we Prepare for Workday Rising

Two years in the making and now two years in, Dovetail maintains our Certified Solution Partner status

Matt Yunker
July 26, 2016

Beg forgiveness or ask permission???

So, this comes up a lot in life and in business. With my wife, I tend to do both really, very selectively picking my battles. In my profession, I will also do both. Pushing the envelope – so to speak.

How many of us do this? Recently I came across a professional, who in my opinion, pushed a little too far, at the cost of ethics.

My question is then, when we knowingly push the boundaries, knowing that what we have said is not true, knowing that we will just come up with a wordy apologetic email, call, or post… does this, in your mind, seem to be lying or do you believe you are simply pushing boundaries?

Personally —

Personally, I think it’s a lie. If I knowingly tell, post, or put in writing

Dovetail HR
January 7, 2016

Dovetail Software Announces:

Dovetail Software is pleased to announce its continued sponsorship of HR Latte in its move from the Blog Talk Radio platform to intrepidNOW, where education and quality matter.

Rayanne Thorn, VP of Marketing at Dovetail, will continue to launch various podcast series which benefit the HR and HR Tech communities. It is our hope that by providing honest, thoughtful information and education in an entertaining way that HR practitioners, technologists, industry experts and thought leaders will learn and share more about what matters in the world and community of HR.

New episodes will be release two to three times weekly, providing consistent news and ideas about what matters most to the HR industry.

Current ongoing HR Latte Series include: Today’s Employer Branding into

Kane Frisby
August 23, 2015

Screen Shot 2015-08-20 at 7.11.35 PM Celebrate!

We’re celebrating today, because we are officially a Workday Certified Solution Partner – yes we graduated from the hottest HCM integration university this summer!

Commitment Pays Off

Two years ago, Dovetail made a commitment with Workday to design, build, and deliver a real time bi-directional integration to help serve the Dovetail and Workday ecosystem, cohesively. It’s a true win-win outcome for both vendor and customers – as anyone with software implementation experience will tell you – getting two technologies integrated together on a project is never easy. One very big pain with custom integrations is accountability – when things go wrong, who is accountable? Is it your internal IT, or perhaps vendor one or vendor two – maybe it’s all three? Which one will own the problem and drive

Kane Frisby
June 18, 2015

Workday Power of One - ThinkstockPhotos-485079267As I wrote about in my previous blog post Barbie SaaS HCM technology, I recently read another blog post which reinforces true SaaS.  Take Workday’s Power of One, they are at the opposite spectrum of a “Barbie SaaS”, check out their recent Power of One blog post to learn more.


Essentially, Workday has one version of software, one customer community, and one codeline.  This is what makes our partnership with Workday so strong, the identical nature of our Dovetail SaaS HR Help Desk offering – even better when you factor in our real-time integration to Workday.  You can quickly see how a joint customer can leverage two vendors

Brandon Behrens
July 2, 2014

We’re wrapping up a Workday integration via their web services. The objects we’re dealing with in the web services calls to Workday contain a lot of information in very deep object graphs that are not necessarily initialized. I learned a couple of new tricks this time around with web services that makes the consumption and related testing of these objects relatively painless. To be clear, you’ll likely run into this scenario working with any web services in .NET. I just happened to be working with Workday web services when I decided to write this post.

The first thing I need to do is get the Workday web services response object mapped to a type for all of my code to consume. I don’t have any interest at all in writing a ton of left / right code that looks like this:

Gary L Cox Jr
June 13, 2014

Connecting to Workday’s web services shouldn’t be a trivial event. At least at first one would feel this way. There are a few areas one needs to know in order to get this working correctly as well as achieving authentication on the Workday side. By now you should have been given your tenant ID from Workday, this will be needed later. To get started we need to create the web service client. Using Visual Studio there are two ways this can be done svcutil or right click the project and select Add Service Reference, I prefer to use svcutil as I felt it created a cleaner codebase than the Service Reference did.

Some Gotchas to cleanup Open your Human_Resources.cs file, and using Ctrl + Shift + F, select Find and Replace and type in the find [][] and in

Dwane Lay
October 31, 2013

This year, I had the pleasure of attending the HR Tech Europe show in Amsterdam for the first time.  It’s easy to see why HR leaders, especially those who run HR Shared Services or HR Service Delivery teams, would be willing to fly from around the globe for the show.  And it’s not just to visit Amsterdam.  Marc Coleman and his team have put together a show that has grown in leaps and bounds in the last three years, and offers some serious value to those who make the trip.

First, the atmosphere is one that every HR leader begging to be taken seriously should celebrate.  A professional atmosphere, free of boondogglers and junketeers, marked by HR leaders dressed for a business conference, and vendors attired to match.  I saw only one booth (and honestly can’t

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