Dovetail HR Case Management

Dovetail Employee Engagement Suite

Dovetail Employee Engagement Suite is a multi-tenant SaaS Integrated HR Service Delivery solution that manages, tracks, and reports on employee interactions with HR utilizing its Employee Portal, HR Help Desk and HR Knowledge Base modules.

Designed to help HR departments service more employees with fewer resources, Dovetail combines HR Case Management, Knowledge Management, an Employee Portal, and powerful Reporting capabilities to enable practitioners to seamlessly manage, document, and report on every employee interaction with HR, centralized into one globally-accessible HR Help Desk.

Dovetail Employee Engagement Suite is a SaaS solution that manages, tracks, and reports on employee interactions with HR.
Check out what it can do:

HR Case Management

HR Case Management

Manage and document all employee interactions with HR, providing a complete audit trail of employee communication, accessible from any location.

Knowledge Management

Knowledge Management

Use and re-use existing knowledge to increase the efficiency of your HR department by never solving the same problem twice.

Employee Portal

Employee Portal

Grant employees access to HR through a self-service portal to reduce inquiries.

HR Reporting

Reporting & Analytics

Track and report on key metrics, enabling HR to measure and continuously improve HR Service Delivery performance.

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“Since implementing Dovetail, first-responders are able to handle employee requests more effectively without having to escalate them. We’re seeing more collaboration and our processes are a lot more seamless. We can track cases from the time they’re created to the time they’re resolved.” Kevin Mendonsa, Director of Global HR Technology and Systems, Motorola

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