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Sending close case surveys using Delighted and Zapier

Static image July 25, 2019 A common workflow for case management is sending a close case survey to a customer after a case is closed. There's a bunch of survey apps out there, so here we'll look at how we can integrate with one of them. In particular, we'll look at integrating with Delighted, which is a popular option. You've likely received a survey from Delighted when purchasing from an online storefront, or from an online service provider. Net Promoter Score (NPS) survey from Delighted In order to connect Dovetail and Delighted, we'll use Zapier, which is a cloud-based middleware that ties together many online applications, and allows for creating workflows. Delighted Within Delighted, create a new project. You have a few options for the question type (NPS, CSAT, CES, 5-star, Smileys, or Thumbs surveys). I chose a 5-star survey. More…