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Sending close case surveys using Delighted and Zapier

Static image July 25, 2019 A common workflow for case management is sending a close case survey to a customer after a case is closed. There's a bunch of survey apps out there, so here we'll look at how we can integrate with one of them. In particular, we'll look at integrating with Delighted, which is a popular option. You've likely received a survey from Delighted when purchasing from an online storefront, or from an online service provider. Net Promoter Score (NPS) survey from Delighted In order to connect Dovetail and Delighted, we'll use Zapier, which is a cloud-based middleware that ties together many online applications, and allows for creating workflows. Delighted Within Delighted, create a new project. You have a few options for the question type (NPS, CSAT, CES, 5-star, Smileys, or Thumbs surveys). I chose a 5-star survey. More…

The Sharing Show – with The Workday Sharing Guy

The Sharing Show
March 22, 2019 "Good morning and afternoon, it’s Wednesday 11am eastern, welcome all to The Sharing Show!" If you haven't heard that line before then you're missing out on a great weekly live show. Here is what you’ve missed in the first 4 episodes: The “i love workday” photo contest & fun photo of the week! #workdayhacks Search tips & tricks boomerang integrations Customer “Asks” Special guests from several Workday customers Floyd sharing lots of brainstorm ideas Brainstorm of the week Live Quizzes and more! The show airs live each Wednesday at 11am eastern, is only 30 minutes long and it is all about sharing, connecting people and a sprinkle of fun. If you'd like to watch next weeks show, sign up here:

Vegas, Vienna, and Value

September 13, 2018 As we finish out summer and look ahead to the fall (or Autumn for my British roots) it's quite arguably my favorite time of the year. It’s not just because the kids have gone back to school after an eventful summer, or the fact I’m gearing up for possible Floridian weather (which so far it looks like we are in the clear), instead it’s the run up to the majestic trifecta: Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas. Among these family traditions, right in the middle, are the "work" celebrations; the festivities of HR Tech Conferences! And there are none better than the annual Workday Customer Conference - Workday Rising. The best part being there are two of them! Rising USA and Rising Europe. I’ve had the pleasure of attending both for several years now, and still each year I'm always looking forward to…

Sustainability in HR

September 12, 2018 It's not just about energy conservation These days sustainability is usually about renewable energy but with Dovetail's Employee Engagement Suite (EES) we also have a cool story about sustainability as it relates to HR service delivery. EES is our integrated suite of tools for managing HR service delivery and it includes an employee portal, case management, and knowledge management. All together, these tools help our customers achieve outstanding levels service to employees, year after spite of rapid changes to their businesses. I realized this a while ago and it’s a subject I love to talk about with prospects and clients. The general idea is that beyond helping HR organizations achieve their immediate service goals, we are also leaving them in a position to remain agile and capable of real change and improvements over time. To continue delivering high value services for the long…

Why is HR Service Delivery so Hot?

HR Service Delivery
September 11, 2018 Gartner certainly believes so, with the recent addition of this category to the main HCM suites in the latest HCM Cloud Magic Quadrant. Ultimate Software also certainly believes this to be the case with their recent acquisition of HR Service Delivery vendor PeopleDoc for $300 million. Here is one way to think about it, let's step over to the front of house, the sales team organisation: Successful sales teams are using a tool for Customer Relationship Management or CRM to keep records of any interaction their company has with their customers or prospects. This could be phone calls, emails, web chats, chat bots or web hits on their corporate website. It’s the mainstay of any sales team today. Sales people earn commission on recorded transactions through such tools. They deliver results and sales based on the data and intel collected over many…

The Front Line of Service – SaaS done right.

August 31, 2018 True SaaS Recently, Kane Frisby - our Chief Strategy Officer - wrote this: Workday customers and prospects are tech savvy. They get it. Power of One. True SaaS. Modern and innovative architecture. Sustainable Technology and Processes. It's second nature to a Rising attendee. We gel so well with the Workday Rising attendees, simply because we get it, too! I get to meet so many Dovetail and Workday customers and come away with so many new connections, all with meaningful and rich conversations. I believe the key to the success of the Rising events is the culmination of Workday Customers, Prospects, Employees, and Partners - coming together for the same purpose - delivering value to HR, Finance and Employees. Delivering Value - imagine that? Partnership Satisfaction Perhaps you can tell how happy he is, and we are, about our ongoing partnership with Workday.…

Becoming a Workday Select Partner

Workday Select Partner
August 21, 2018 Arduous? Yes. I remember as a kid being told by my mother that anything worthwhile requires work and effort. It's just the way it is, if you want something bad enough. It's no different as a working adult or as a company working to grow and maintain partnerships. The process to become a worthy solution partner should be difficult - it should require work and proof that updates and maintenance will be kept at the forefront of said partnership. For, that is how partnership success is achieved and kept. Dovetail spent two years learning about our partner Workday and the requirements and benefits of an alliance. We were eager to provide the research and documentation required of our dev team and partnership /alliance manager. Because, anything worthwhile requires work, right? And each year, we continue the work to further cement…

Workday Rising 2018

Workday Rising
July 23, 2018 Maintaining a Great Partnership At Dovetail, we've maintained our Workday Certified Partnership status, and have remained a solution partner in excellent standing. We love talking and writing about our partnership with Workday – why? Frankly, because it’s brought success and benefit to both companies and our joint customers. We work consistently with Workday to ensure that the needs of clients are met with the quality they expect. This isn't a Fluke Great relationships do not just happen, they are nurtured and needs are constantly met on both sides, in order for them to continue to be beneficial. Celebrating our 5th anniversary as a Workday Partner And we couldn't be happier. This partnership is about service, true customer and partner service, and what that means to us and our clients. We look forward to sharing what we do best, provide an intuitive…

The Gift of Independence for Your Employees

employees independence
July 3, 2018 Do you ever read HR blogs? Most of HR blogs will tell you that HR doesn’t really know what they are doing, and are, generally, untrusted by employees and leaders everywhere. Do you ever read message boards or groups that ask employment questions? Most of them will also tell you that HR doesn’t really know what they are doing, and are generally untrusted by employees and leaders everywhere. Do you ever read about companies that don’t have HR? Didn’t think so. So how do we bridge this divide?   How do we service employees' needs, give them the answers they are looking for, but not expose them to the HR team they are trying to avoid? How do we make them feel that they are not only valued, but are being considered as we develop our company infrastructure? The answer,…

How HR Case Management Works

HR Case Management
June 26, 2018   The use of an HR Case Management system ensures that all HR interactions with employees are reported and tracked, that responses from HR or Management are consistent and timely, that legal and regulatory compliance are considered and adhered to, with records securely housed in a single location easily accessible by appointed administrators. What is HR Case Management? If we consider Customer Service, case management tracks interactions with customers, ensuring the purchasing and product acquisition experience is the best. If addressing case management in healthcare, this would be tracking of the life cycle of a patient and their every interaction with a healthcare provider or healthcare facility/system. HR Case Management is similar: reporting and tracking of every employee interaction with HR, which allows HR and Executive Management to understand the full employee experience with the employer. HR Data collected using Case…