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Dovetail data sheets highlight the products, services, and solutions that are most interesting to your organization’s needs. The data sheets serve as quick reminders about important advantages of Dovetail’s offerings. No login is required and we invite you to check back often for updated links.

Dovetail Employee Engagement Suite

For HR organizations looking to streamline their HR processes, reduce costs and improve HR service delivery, Dovetail Employee Engagement Suite (EES) is the answer. Our SaaS-based HR Case Management and Help Desk solution captures, manages and reports on employee interactions with HR, enabling HR or Shared Services Organizations to handle a higher volume of employee needs without increasing headcount. This data sheet highlights the key benefits of Dovetail EES and discusses the impact it can have on your organization.

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Dovetail Employee Engagement Suite - Key Features

In order to meet the complex demands of a large employee population, a flexible software package is needed. To do so in a cost effective and efficient manner requires a simple interface over a flexible framework. To keep it all running requires powerful back end tools and rich data analysis capabilities. Dovetail EES offers all of these. This features document provides a detailed explanation of Dovetail EES’s product features and how they support each group in your HR organization.

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