The Real HR Metrics Barrier

HR professionals are often accused of not being data savvy, of not caring enough about metrics, or not being comfortable with measuring productivity.  While it is true that data is often woefully underused (or, worse, misused) in the profession, it’s time to realize the problem in most cases is not with the practitioner.

The problem is with the substandard HRIS interface and query system HR has been given.

Even a cursory glance at the major HRIS reporting features will reveal an unfriendly, cryptic interface.  The fields are labeled for database reference, not for practitioners to use.  A Boolean expert may be able to parse out the data as needed, but the rank and file of the HR world have little chance on their own.  And that assumes they are given access to try, which is often not the case.  Instead they are left to beg for data from their “report administrator,” and woe upon thee who may need a report modified.  Or worse, a new report created.

When you have no control and no authority over the tool, who could reasonably expect you to embrace it?

The best thing that could happen to the profession, then, is to be handed a set of reporting tools that is easy to use, easy to modify, and robust enough to get at the root of what really happens in HR every day.  A toolset that includes making changes, creating reports on the fly, and adding charts and graphs to turn data into information.  All capabilities, by the way, that are built into our reporting features.

No PhD in statistics.  No weeklong Excel class.  No trip to the database administrator’s office.  Just productivity.

At Dovetail, we believe in HR, and we work to make the job of the HR practitioner as easy as possible.  By giving you reporting tools that do these things, we allow you to spend your time supporting your organization.

Take care of your employees.  Leave the reporting to us.

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