U.S. Info-Comm Reduces CRM-Related Maintenance Cost by 50% with Dovetail Support Suite

Nothing makes us happier here at Dovetail than hearing success stories from our customers. So when U.S. Info-Comm (USIC) President Stephen Stark agreed to participate in a case study, I jumped at the chance and wanted to share some of the highlights from their  Dovetail Support Suite for Customer Service implementation experience with you.

USIC, a technology and service provider specializing in telecommunications, data network support, and large-scale deployments, migrated from their proprietary CRM system to Dovetail Support Suite earlier this year.

Stark noted that our team was able to complete the entire migration within just a few weeks and preserve custom business functionality, workflows and legacy data within their CRM, which meant less disruption to day-to-day business processes and minimal re-training requirements for their staff. Freeing USIC from their outdated CRM system and implementing Dovetail Support Suite enabled them to use modern, industry-standard tools increasing efficiency and productivity in their Customer Service and Support Organization.

“The entire migration was truly a painless process for us as the Dovetail team not only earned our trust early on but also was professional and easy to work with throughout the process. Their attention to detail and careful execution ensured that we met our goal of migrating our existing business processes to a new platform with minimal down time and no data loss,” said Stark.

I asked Stark to share the impact of Dovetail Support Suite on his Customer Service Organization, and he cited the following results:
•    50% reduction in IT maintenance cost
•    Streamlined day-to-day processes
•    Reduction in training and ramp-up time

“Migrating from our outdated CRM platform to Dovetail Support Suite has been a tremendous upgrade for us, providing benefits across multiple areas of our business. We realized an immediate 50% reduction in IT maintenance expenses around our CRM platform after deploying Dovetail’s browser-based client architecture,” said Stark. “On the client side, Dovetail’s well designed user interface kept user re-training to a minimum during deployment, and has since streamlined day-to-day user processes.”

Thank you USIC for sharing your experience with the Dovetail Community. Click here to download the complete case study.

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