Happening on May 22nd: 3 Panelists from 3 Different Industries Discuss the 4 Components of Preventive Employee Relations

If you are a Dovetail email subscriber, you probably got an email invitation today for this month’s webinar: Monitoring & Improving the Workplace with Preventive Employee Relations. I hope you’re able to attend because on May 22nd at 1:30 ET, we will host 3 passionate and influential HR experts and get their take on what it means to practice preventive employee relations successfully.

When you hear the word “preventive” in a HR setting, odds are healthcare comes to mind, but as we discuss in our latest knowledge article 4 Key Components of Preventive Employee Relations, employee wellness is about more than just employees’ physical health. Preventive Employee Relations relies on the detection of trends, patterns and inconsistencies related to ER such as discrimination, harassment and bullying in the workplace. This enables companies to take immediate action, as well as prepare long-term plans to prevent future problems from arising, which could be damaging and costly to your organization.

This panel discussion will a be lively discussion among panelists from 3 different industries, who will expand on the concepts shared in our latest knowledge article and share their own experiences and insights on the topic.
Like preventive healthcare, preventive employee relations is all about curbing and even eliminating problems before they reach critical stages. Think of it as adopting an ER wellness solution. Good for your employees. Good for your organization’s bottom line.

Participants will have an opportunity to interact directly with the panelists during a question-and-answer session. In addition to addressing the practice of preventive employee relations, panelists also will discuss:

•    What it means to have a healthy work environment—and its implications.
•    Why HR, ER and an organization’s executive team should care about creating a healthy work environment.
•    How to conduct an organizational “ER health check.”
•    What processes and systems must be in place to effectively analyze and improve the workplace.

The webinar panelists will include Paul Smith, HR Director at Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission; Amy Dillman, Resource and Policy Analyst, Human Resources, at the University of Illinois’ Office of Planning & Budgeting; Steve Browne, Executive Director of HR at LaRosa’s Inc. Dwane Lay, head of Dovetail’s HR Process Design, will moderate the discussion.

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