The 10-armed Monkey in your HR Organization

Last week, I was interviewing one of our customers who had agreed to do a case study. I was asking him to describe his HR department before implementing Dovetail and explain why they began searching for HR case management software. He described an exercise that he did with his team months before purchasing Dovetail which was the point when he decided that the status quo needed to be changed.

During a brainstorming session with the HR leadership team, one of the warm up activities (he split the team into two groups) was to draw a picture of what they thought they currently looked like as a team. Both teams drew pretty much a mess – trying to handle far too many items at once, fire-fighting, etc. One picture even had a monkey with 10 arms trying to juggle 30 balls, with balls dropping – indicating they felt overwhelmed, were dropping balls and letting things slip through the cracks. Another image was of a frozen river with cracks in it, with their team all standing on it – walking on thin ice that’s about to break.

Next he asked them to draw an image of what they would like to portray to their organization. Of course it was a smart image – sun shining, birds singing, people drinking coffee and smiling sitting at their neat and orderly desks.

Obviously, two very different images and a good indication that his team was feeling overwhelmed and not very organized, and wanted that to change. He went on to explain that after diving further into discussions, a lot of their frustration stemmed from a lack of process around handling employee service requests in an organized fashion. With all their systems in place (HRIS, Talent Management, etc), they still did not have way to manage and keep track of the hundreds of employee requests and issues coming to HR each week, which led him to come looking for us.

We hear this pain point frequently when talking to prospects, and I think our latest knowledge article, “End the Employee Relations ‘Scavenger Hunt’ with HR Case Management Software” illustrates it well.

The article presents a typical scenario with two very different outcomes—one resulting from operating without HR case management software and the other resulting from having such software in place.

If you feel handling employee requests and issues in your HR organization could be similar to a 10-armed monkey dropping balls, download this article to learn how an HR case management system can offer significant benefits and create efficient maintenance of all ER data in a single, integrated and secure repository.

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