November Webinar: Measuring the Performance of your HR Shared Services Center

Is your shared services model performing as efficiently as it should? How do you know if your shared services program is delivering as much value as it could? What are the right metrics to track?


If you have questions similar to these, tune in to our November 1st webinar: Measuring the Performance of your HR Shared Services Center with HR shared services expert and president of the HR Shared Services Institute Jim Scully and Dovetail’s head of HR Process Design Dwane Lay.


 HR shared services has become more prevalent over the last 15 years. Despite its growing popularity, how to correctly measure and benchmark an HR shared services center’s performance and its value to the organization remains a hot topic, which demonstrates that there probably isn’t a simple or universal answer.


In this month’s webinar, Scully and Lay will explain the shortcomings of conventional benchmarking and performance-measurement approaches and share his step-by-step method of defining and measuring HR shared services value in a way that is both meaningful and straightforward.


While there may not be a universal set of metrics or benchmarks to measure the success of every HR shared services center, Scully will provide you with a step-by-step method for determining which metrics you should be tracking in your organization, how to track them and what they mean. Register Now!




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