Dovetail’s Farewell to 2012 Rhapsody

2012 was a packed year for Dovetail and a year of many firsts. As this year fades in our rearview mirror and we prepare to enter 2013, I wanted to share some of the year’s highlights… and since the office is pretty empty today and no one is really around to talk me out of it, I’m going to tap my inner rhapsodist and do it via poem. Ehem…



2012 started with Dovetail’s annual sales meeting,
New and notable faces the Dovetail team greeted.
With new HR experts, sales and development talent onboarded,
2012 was sure to be one of the best years yet recorded.
Named by Nucleus Research as one of the top HR technology companies emerging,
We wanted to exceed expectations and our team began quickly converging.


Our conference schedule kept us busy and to list a few by name,
SXSW Social Siesta, ASHHRA, HR Tech and a SHRM National Hockey Game.

We built friendships and partnerships and did our best to schmooze,
Discussing HR Case Management, employee and customer support – often times over booze.
In today’s business world, where you seem to meet everyone virtually, 
This conference season allowed us to get to know them personally.


SaaS was the play this year for our HR Help Desk solutions,
Dovetail Support Suite is now only cloud-based allowing for quicker updates and executions.
A UI makeover focusing on social engagement was delivered in Version Four,
Two months later, Version 5 introduced new reports on case notes and more.
CedarCrestone mentioned Dovetail as a solution to lower HR costs,

Additionally, it ensures your conversations with employees are not lost.


2012 boasted many new product releases of solutions for Clarify,
Dovetail Admin, Carrier, SDK and Mobile have many new features verified.
Dovetail customers were pleased and participated in case studies to share,
Lower IT maintenance costs and improved ability to scale were mentioned in there
Customer feedback helped drive the 2012 product roadmaps,
Each month new features were delivered without any lapse.


In addition to technology, Dovetail offered education,
All of our material covered topics for skill cultivation.
We archive 2012 webinars,whitepapers and blogs on our website,
If you have a topic for 2013, please let us know and we’ll expedite.
We covered a variety of topics and hosted expert guest speakers,
We hope we offered you some new techniques that are keepers.


I could go on and on about 2012 and what’s just around the bend,
But if you’re still reading, I’m sure you’re about ready for this poem to end.
2012 was a blast, but it’s over, you know what I mean,
I’m already thinking about the much longer poem for two thousand thirteen.
What I’m saying in this last stanza and not so eloquently I fear,
Is goodbye to 2012 and Happy New Year!



Have a safe and happy new year. Look forward to seeing you in 2013.

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