Integrated Workflow Engine

HR workflow software

Automate Key Processes and Ensure SLA and Policy Compliance

When an employee request needs to be routed to a specific HR function, our workflow engine supports moving the request to the right team members for the quickest resolution. Our HR workflow software can also help break large tasks into several smaller ones that can be worked on in parallel by a team.

An HR request can be transferred in several ways, including assigning it directly to an individual or to a specific group. Only when the request is accepted by a new owner is this transfer considered complete, ensuring the ownership is always with one (and only one) agent.


Key Features

HR Workflow Software

When necessary, an agent may also create a related, or “child” case. This is to capture those smaller yet important issues that often come up in relation to a larger, or “parent” request. These Child Requests are managed just as a Parent, including being assigned to agents and queues as appropriate.

This allows requests that invoke a very specific knowledge or skill, such as Compensation or Benefits issues, to be routed to the correct queue without delays to the original request. To ensure completion of service, all Child Requests must be completed and closed before the original Request is considered complete. See Figure 1:1 for a routing example.

“Operations that do not leverage tools like automated case management, knowledge management, business process management, self-service and telephony automation would have a difficult time competing on the open market, and thus are not being run like a business.” – Jim Scully, President | Shared Services Institute

More Features

HR Case Management

Advanced Case Management

Improve HR service delivery efficiency, consistency and compliance.

Case management enables HR reps to record every employee interaction in one place. All employee accessed documents, email interactions, notes and phone calls are stored in the system providing a complete audit trail of employee communication with HR. Documenting employee interactions with HR not only creates consistency and regulatory compliance, it provides HR reps with a history of employee communications, which helps streamline the request process.

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knowledge management

Integrated Knowledge Management

Tap the minds of experienced HR experts and reuse existing knowledge.

The knowledge base, comprised of answers to questions and solutions to problems from previous HR activities, leverages the collective experience and interactions of employees and HR staff. Empower first-responders to furnish accurate and consistent answers and increase the efficiency of your HR department by never having to solve the same problem twice.

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Employee Portal

Employee Self-Service

Empower employees to answer their own questions and reduce HR administrative tasks.

The Employee Service Portal grants employees 24×7 access to HR regardless of work shift or location and enables HR to service a higher number of employee requests. Free HR talent to work on more strategic initiatives by eliminating 30-60% of repeat inquiries.

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Centralized Asset Management

Centralized Asset Management

Keep track of and run reports on assets, license renewals and certifications.

Centralized Asset Management links employees with assets such as company vehicles, computers, credit cards, mobile phones, and ID badges, which helps eliminate costly replacement of unrecovered assets. It also enables HR organizations to keep track of employee license renewals and document proof of licensure ensuring complete and up-to-date records on certifications.

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HR reporting

Robust Reporting and Analytics

Measure and continuously improve your HR service delivery performance.

HR activities generate an abundance of useful data essential for time-sensitive decision making. Managers and HR staff can get immediate visual access to this critical data through Dovetail Support Suite integrated reports. A flexible report writer allows users to configure their reports and dashboards based on metrics that are important to their HR team. Reports can be run on-demand or scheduled to run at specific times or intervals and can be published in a variety of formats (Word, Excel, PDF, XML, RTF).

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