Customers now Expect Continuous Improvements from Vendors (as they should)

For a Dovetail customer, change is good, in fact change is great!  That’s because our changes are constant innovations to our product.


app picChange doesn’t happen in a big bang approach for Dovetail customers, no! We pride ourselves on our agile and lean approach to the speed of innovation we deliver.  We don’t stop there.  We deliver change to our customers multiple times per year, in fact at a rate of 5 per year.


Dovetail Customers are able to take advantage of constant updates because Dovetail’s architecture is true SaaS.  I personally like Naomi’s ‘Saas InFullBloom’ article, andGartner’s Reference Model for Multitenancy provides a great visual aid to true SaaS.


To some, perhaps our “legacy” competitors, 5 updates per year may seem high, since people and businesses are naturally change averse, although that could now become a thing of the past.  However, take a few minutes to read a recent blog post by Steve Boese. Steve is absolutely right, people hate traditional change. Traditional change is typically “big and hairy” and causes pain to the customer and end users.  As Steve points out, “Push out a new Windows or MS Office upgrade in your organization and stand back to wait for the shouts of outrage.”


At Dovetail, we don’t do Traditional Change; instead we push out to our customer’s smaller incremental changes that simply innovate the product.  A good percentage of our new features come from our customers too.  For example, in the past 3 updates of Dovetail, 38% of the new features originated as customer enhancement ideas.


With this rapid amount of iterative change, and speed of innovation from Dovetail, our customers get to see real return on their investment at incredible speeds, whilst having the opportunity to make a difference to the product they are using.

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