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5 Tenets of a Successful HR Shared Services Center Implemenation

This article offers five keen insights into the most crucial actions companies must take to ensure the successful launch and ongoing management of an HR Shared Services Center and to reap its considerable benefits.

The five critical factors address the use of key performance indicators; service delivery processes; the need to redefine roles, responsibilities and performance goals; HR staff training; and putting the right technologies in place.

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End the Employee Relations ‘Scavenger Hunt’ with HR Case Management Software

Even the most common employee relations (ER) situations can send HR and ER personnel into frantic “scavenger hunts” for critical information—and all too frequently these scavenger hunts end in frustration and failure.

Fortunately, this doesn’t have to be the case. Download your complimentary copy of the article, “End the Employee Relations ‘Scavenger Hunt’ with HR Case Management Software,”  to learn how an HR case management system can offer significant benefits and create efficient maintenance of all ER data in a single, integrated and secure repository.


4 Key Components to Preventive Employee Relations

Just as preventive wellness programs focus on proactively minimizing the costs of chronic disease, preventive employee relations (ER) focus on proactively minimizing costly employee complaints, grievances and hot spots.

Preventive employee relations help you create a happier workforce and a healthier workplace. Think of it as adopting an ER wellness solution.

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