ROI for HR Case Management

ROI Analysis

Every company will certainly have different results after implementing HR Case Management. If we utilize and study three different sources, companies save anywhere from 30-40%. These results come from:

  • What customers experienced when they tracked metrics pre- and post- implementation of Dovetail Software
  • Data captured by the largest and best known independent survey on HR technology, Sierra-Cedar 2017-2018 HR Systems Survey, 20th Annual Edition
  • Gartner Analyst Report


1. Pre- and Post- Implementation of Dovetail

First, let’s elaborate on customer-captured metrics. With the use of Dovetail Software, several changes were reported based on pre- and post-implementation measurements:

  • 62% increase in SLA compliance
  • 53% drop in incoming HR cases
  • 39% improvement in HR responsiveness
  • 56% increase in first call resolution


While each of these metrics is critical to employee satisfaction with HR, as well as with the organization as a whole, it is the drop in actual HR cases which determines hard dollar savings. By decreasing the number of incoming HR cases by 53%, an organization can either reduce headcount or re-deploy HR administrative staff. The real savings is actually higher, for in addition to the reduction in cases, an organization will also see that HR cases are handled more quickly, reducing the administrative burden even further. Also, when greater knowledge is provided to lower-level HR personnel, they can address issues that otherwise might require attention from more costly HR specialists.

2. 2017 Sierra-Cedar HR Systems Survey

The most recent Sierra-Cedar HR Systems Survey determined that without an HR Help Desk solution and a Self-Service Employee Portal, an organization’s HR department can service 273 employees per each HR Practitioner. When an organization adds these technologies – HR Help Desk and Employee Self-Service Portal- the number of employees serviced by each HR Practitioner jumps to 453 employees. Another way to look at this metric is to convert it to the number of HR Administrative personnel needed per 1,000 employees. Without the mentioned HR Service Delivery technologies, an organization needs 3.7 HR administrative staff for each 1,000 employees. However, once HR Help Desk and Employee Self-Service Portal are added, the required HR staff count drops to 2.2 per 1,000 employees, a reduction of 1.5 per 1,000 employees, or a drop of 40% in HR headcount.

3. Gartner’s Findings

Lastly, we can look at the research done by Gartner. A recent analyst’s report, Modernizing HR Service Delivery, concluded that an organization with a well-implemented Tier 0 (Employee Self-Service), employees can answer their own inquiries 40-70% of the time. If this metric is correct, a 40-70% drop of incoming HR cases would be the result. Since this metric has such a wide range, we use it as a validation point that our other two calculations of potential HR savings are conservative.


If your organization closely mirrors the environment of a typical Dovetail customer or the 1,312 company respondents representing more than 17.7 million employees of the Sierra-Cedar HR System Survey, your organization would experience an approximate 40% savings in HR headcount resources by implementing an HR Case Management System.

Using an approximate cost of $75,000 to represent the fully-loaded compensation cost of an average HR administrator, an organization can expect to save (or redeploy to higher value strategic efforts) approximately $112,500 per year for each 1,000 employees in an organization.

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“If the average company size represented in the 2017-18 Sierra-Cedar HR System survey was 13,610 employees, we can determine the savings for the average company, based on these findings, is $1.53 Million per year.”