What Is HR Case Management?

Do you know what HR Case Management is?

In the customer service sense, case management speaks to tracking interactions with customers, making sure their purchasing and product acquisition experience is the best. If we were to address case management in a healthcare environment, we would see the tracking of the life cycle of a patient, through their interactions with a healthcare provider or healthcare facility/system.

HR Case Management can be viewed similarly, in that reporting and tracking employee interactions with HR allows for a greater understanding of the employee experience with the employer, and vice versa. Data collected using HR Case Management creates opportunity to efficiently handle questions, requests, and problems without losing any information, or letting issues or challenges to be mishandled, mismanaged or not managed at all.


The use of an HR Case Management system ensures that all interactions with employees are reported and tracked, that the response from HR or Management is consistent and timely, considering legal and regulatory compliance, and securely housing records in a single location, easily accessible by appointed administrators.


How HR Case Management Works

  • Employee contacts HR with a question, problem, or grievance
  • Case is Created
  • Communication Thread is Captured
  • While case is handled in Real-Time, specific employee details are displayed to user
  • Case is categorized to ensure proper routing and handling
  • Creation of a new case triggers automated processes, like timers for task completion or notifications regarding particular case types
  • Case is Closed
  • Knowledge capture and management
  • Search and use of Captured Knowledge for Future Cases
  • Legal and Regulatory Compliance
  • Data and Metrics to understand Organizational Attrition, Change, or Growth
  • Learning and Leadership Development

The Big Picture, The Real Picture

Tracking the full employee experience allows companies to see the real picture, in-depth, of the relationship between employer and employee. Suddenly, true employee engagement – based on a real understanding of the that relationship – has potential. The potential is realized when employees stay, and they stay because they are cared for, they are appreciated, and they are allowed to grow.  The data from a case management system takes employee engagement from fairy tale to truth, from attrition to growth, from drudge to heart.

It matters. But only if employers care enough to make it matter.




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