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The Employee Portal

Dovetail Software was very excited to launch our updated employee portal last September. As we continue to help organizations with employee communications and interactions, we understand the need to listen to what is important to employees because this assists our clients, the employers.

Empower Employees

Does it make sense to empower the workforce with “self” access to information? We think it does. Making  knowledge readily and easily available, they are able to get answers quickly and easily. I have always felt that an informed and smart workforce is a productive and loyal workforce. The information shared with employees becomes another notch toward employee engagement, which we know leads to less attrition and retention of talent – obviously quality talent because they have chosen to become or stay informed about their own employment and ask questions they need answered.


Some of the very cool things for an employer to consider in having an employee portal?

  1. Serve a higher number of employees with fewer resources.
  2. Answer the same questions only once, then the answer lives in your knowledge base for easy access the next time it is asked.
  3. Engagement – now! We have chat too — instant message your employees/. Meet their individual needs quickly.
  4. Know whether or not the information provided to your employees actually answered their questions and solved their issue or concern.

And all of this interaction is tracked and recorded for easy access later. “What? You mean there is data, too?” Yes, you will have data to know which questions are asked most often, which type of employee or departments produce the most questions or concerns, and how you can change communication or policies to fit the needs of employees. So…, you can make your workplace better for everyone, even HR.


The Dovetail Portal can be configured to your corporate brand and to meet the needs of your department and organization through design. Easy-peasy.

The key is listening

We all know how important listening and actually hearing what our employees have to say is the basis for excellent organizational communication. Communication with engagement is not a one-way street. We need to hear and respond in order to meet needs or provide solutions. Long-term organizational success is dependent upon employees feeling valued. Communication and engagement are very important ways to let them know they are worthy of your time and concern. Value perceived, value received.

Sybil F. Stershic, author of Taking Care of the People Who Matter Most, said,
“The way your employees feel is the way your customers will feel.”

We believe this.



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