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Chip Luman: LIVE at HR Tech

December 28, 2015 Chip Luman, COO and Co-Founder of HireVue We welcomed Chip Luman to our remote intrepidHR studio at the Dovetail booth in the Expo Hall at HR Tech to talk about Digital Communication to Assist with Better Decision-Making.  Chip was eager to share with us what's new at HireVue and how they continue to succeed. “The most important thing about attending a conference is 'go talk to people' – it’s really about engaging.” Breaking down the data and how can we use it to learn more about what's going on within your organization. Chip Luman shared a bit more on this topic, Digital Scientist? This is the hot new job. How do you learn more from ALL the information we are collecting. Chip Luman on Twitter Learn more about HireVue   intrepidHR at HR Tech To listen to all 30 LIVE…