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Building Reminders in Dovetail Employee Engagement Suite

August 11, 2015 Employee Engagement Suite   The Dovetail Employee Engagement Suite (EES) was designed around a few simple ideas.   Our clients are smart. Our clients deserve to be able to build and modify their own configuration in ways that suit them. Our clients sometimes have better ideas than we do.   To that end, we purposefully built a system that is all about configuration choices.  This leads to my answering a lot of questions with, "It depends." Does the system notify you when you get a new case?  It depends. Do I have to log in to see my alerts? It depends. Can I have a hug?  It depends.  (OK, that one usually is a yes.  But you get the point.) Why is "It depends" the answer?  Because the question of "does it" depends on "have you told it to?"  Have…