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Complimentary Article: 5 Tenets of a Successful HR Shared Services Center Implementation

June 27, 2012 As organizations expand into new markets and the complexity and amount of HR issues increases dramatically, HR Shared Services Center (HR SSC) adoption continues to grow. Organizations are embracing shared services in an effort to cut costs and improve operational efficiency in their HR departments.   HR SSCs provides substantial benefits to organizations such as reducing costs, increasing department efficiency and enabling HR specialists to focus on strategic initiatives rather than administrative tasks. However, if not implemented correctly, lauching an HR SSC can be a costly and time-consuming failure for your organization.   Our latest knowledge article “Five Tenets of a Successful HR Shared Services Center Implementation” outlines five critical but often overlooked areas companies need to focus on to ensure successful launch and ongoing management of an HR Shared Services Center and to reap its considerable benefits. The article covers:   Harmonizing…

The 10-armed Monkey in your HR Organization

May 25, 2012 Last week, I was interviewing one of our customers who had agreed to do a case study. I was asking him to describe his HR department before implementing Dovetail and explain why they began searching for HR case management software. He described an exercise that he did with his team months before purchasing Dovetail which was the point when he decided that the status quo needed to be changed.During a brainstorming session with the HR leadership team, one of the warm up activities (he split the team into two groups) was to draw a picture of what they thought they currently looked like as a team. Both teams drew pretty much a mess - trying to handle far too many items at once, fire-fighting, etc. One picture even had a monkey with 10 arms trying to juggle 30 balls, with…
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