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Customer Service and the HR Tech Buyer

September 11, 2015 Customer Service in Your Selection of Software Vendors I was reading Naomi Bloom’s blog post, “In Enterprise Software and Luxury Accommodations, Details Matter and No Disappointment Accepted” and it got me thinking. I think Naomi makes a really good comparison, but I will add another element, Customer Service. Things will happen, whether at the luxury accommodations or with your Enterprise Software. The key question becomes what does the establishment/vendor do when there is a problem? That will probably be what you remember more than the actual problem. Addressing Enterprise Software It is inevitable that there will be problems during implementation. Any HR Tech vendor who tells you they never have problems is lying to you. Expectation differences, communication gaps, the customer environment is slightly (or vastly) different than the vendor was told/expected - they happen. The best vendors are set…

The HCM Buying Process – Vendor Selection Strategy

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July 20, 2015 Recently, I wrote about the Sierra-Cedar HR Systems Survey, and how that survey helped me to get multi-million dollar funding for new HCM technology.  While I was writing that entry, it made me think of the next step of the HCM buying process: vendor selection.   In one of my previous roles, I was tasked with evaluating the current technology in place, then providing strategic direction of what to do with our existing HR technology - and how it would benefit our to-be designed HR Shared Services organization.   Once I could prove the most cost-effective long-term strategy for the firm was a rip-and-replace of old for new, I then set my focus on building out our requirements and the vendor selection strategy.   I’ve never been a fan of large RFPs that basically allow the vendor to tick boxes,…