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HR RFP Creation: Solutions to Improve the Process

January 13, 2014 RFP = Request for Proposal RFI = Request for Information RFQ = Request for Quote So you want to create an RFP for your human resources (HR) project huh? Really? Why? I find it funny that so many companies are putting HR projects out for an RFP without a clear goal in mind. I mean, essentially they all have the same goal overall, don’t they…to get the best solution at the lowest possible cost. But, shouldn’t there be a higher objective? Shouldn’t the goal be to determine how each vendor matches up against the unique requirements of your organization? Shouldn’t there be at least one SPECIFIC goal that means something to your company?  What are you REALLY trying to accomplish? Certainly it isn’t to create more work for your team especially since HR teams are leaner than ever.   I’m…