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Workday’s Power of One

Workday Power of One
June 18, 2015 The Power of One As I wrote about in my previous blog post Barbie SaaS HCM technology, I recently read another blog post which reinforces true SaaS. Take Workday’s Power of One, they are at the opposite spectrum of a "Barbie SaaS," check out their recent Power of One blog post to learn more. Essentially, Workday has one version of software, one customer community, and one codeline. This is what makes our partnership with Workday so strong, the identical nature of our Dovetail SaaS HR Help Desk offering - even better when you factor in our real-time integration to Workday. You can quickly see how a joint customer can leverage two vendors working to the power of one!   request a demo

Workday Integration via web services: Dealing with deep object graphs

July 2, 2014 We're wrapping up a Workday integration via their web services. The objects we're dealing with in the web services calls to Workday contain a lot of information in very deep object graphs that are not necessarily initialized. I learned a couple of new tricks this time around with web services that makes the consumption and related testing of these objects relatively painless. To be clear, you'll likely run into this scenario working with any web services in .NET. I just happened to be working with Workday web services when I decided to write this post. The first thing I need to do is get the Workday web services response object mapped to a type for all of my code to consume. I don't have any interest at all in writing a ton of left / right code that looks like this: public…