Workday Select Partner

Dovetail is proud to be a Certified Workday Select Partner, the highest level attainable from Workday.

Dovetail perfectly compliments Workday’s HCM platform allowing HR professionals to track employee interactions and engagement in real-time, improving organizational efficiency and ensuring that employee needs are met with accurate, timely care.  Joint customers of Workday and Dovetail gain extra benefits by enabling information to flow between the systems via our Workday certified integration.

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Fast Deployments

Dovetail worked closely with Workday to develop a modular integration that requires no custom code.  The result is an optimized, straight forward approach to enabling communication flow between the systems that can be set up in less than 2 hours.


Development of Dovetail’s Workday integration was guided and carefully vetted by Workday to ensure a reliable and secure system integration that both companies could stand behind.  The partnership also ensures coordinated releases of new application versions so that testing can be completed prior to each release. Customers can be confident that upgrades from either Workday or Dovetail will not cause any problems or interruptions in service.

Coordinated Resources

Dovetail and Workday support teams work closely together and coordinate resolutions, providing our joint customers with a seamless customer experience.

Benefits of the Dovetail & Workday Certified Integration

  • Dovetail HR Users can answer Employee questions faster and more accurately, as they have access to real-time Workday Worker data within the Dovetail Case page, this speeds up Case Resolution, as the HR User does not need to “hop” between applications
  • When viewing Cases, HR see date effective Worker information from your Workday instance, this maintains an accurate “point-in-time” picture of the Worker when the Case was originally reported
  • Workday Business Process may be initiated from within a Case in Dovetail. For example, a Termination request
  • Improved Employee Experience as Employees can answer their own questions and be directed to common Workday transactions, such as time off requests, through the Dovetail Employee Portal


Reach out to learn more

Kane_2_PS_2Dovetail’s Chief Strategy Officer Kane Frisby, a former HR professional and once a Workday and Dovetail customer himself, recognizes the importance of maintaining strong solution partnerships and works closely with his counterparts at Workday.

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