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We are Workday Certified

Workday Certified PartnerFollowing a two-year process of commitment and collaboration, we delivered a real-time bi-directional software integration and became Workday Certified as a Workday Select Partner with the global HRIS giant in July, 2015.

Dovetail Software’s Employee Engagement Suite perfectly compliments the Workday offering, allowing HR professionals to track real-time HR processes and engagement with each employee, ensuring organizational and staff needs are met. Throughout the certification process, we worked closely with Workday to create a seamless integration, cementing this alliance in providing HR solutions which are imperative for success in today’s human resource departments.

As the first Workday Certified HR Case Management and Help Desk Solution, Dovetail is proud of the work we have done to create and maintain our partnership with Workday.




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Workday and Dovetail Goals are Aligned


Why is this valuable to our joint customers?

  • Like Workday, Dovetail is a true cloud-based SaaS product
  • We have the same ideas about technology development and work toward zero downtime
  • We produce similar work which clearly benefits the HR professional

We Work Closely with Workday


Why is this valuable to our joint customers?

  • In-depth understanding of Workday’s architecture and best practices
  • Through intense certification process, Dovetail earned credibility and trust as a true Workday partner
  • Workday knows the quality of Dovetail’s product and service and are often invited to present and speak at Workday events

The Customer as a Differentiator


Why is this valuable to our joint customers?

  • As partnered SaaS HR Tech companies, we understand that our customers are tech-savvy
  • Customers are instrumental in the implementation process in that they self-implement on the integration
  • Workday and Dovetail have a joint focus on customer needs, not individual organizational needs.

Partnership Benefits

Why is this partnership valuable to our joint customers?

  • Speed of Deployment: Customers can enable the Workday-to-Dovetail integration within two hours, with little time away from important HR functions.
  • Workday Business Processes: Business process interactions can be started from within Dovetail proving the value of our bi-directional implementation.
  • Real-time Data: Customers see real-time employee Workday data within Dovetail.
  • Future Proofing: Dovetail maintains its integration with Workday. With every product update / release, we maintain the integrity of our partnership.
  • Innovation: With more Workday integrations to come, Dovetail maintains an innovative partnership, founded on providing the best product and service to our clients.


Meet our Partnership Manager

Kane_2_PS_2Dovetail’s Chief Strategy Officer Kane Frisby, a former HR professional and once a Workday and Dovetail customer himself, recognizes the importance of maintaining strong solution partnerships and works closely with his counterparts at Workday.

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