HR Services

HR Services Data Import/Export

Your HR Services team has, no doubt, worked hard to capture invaluable employee data, which is typically spread throughout a number of disconnected systems. Our Data Integration Service brings all employee data into one, easily-accessible view, so that you can focus on helping your employees instead of tracking down their information.

System Integration

To create highly efficient HR service delivery processes, all your systems need to talk to each other. Our System Integration Service seamlessly connects enterprise application integrations, extensions, and plug-ins to the Dovetail Support Suite, ensuring your employee data is accurate and consistent across all applications.

HR Help Desk Health Check

You’ve made the investment in an HR Help Desk solution and are now responsible for ensuring your organization reaps the benefits of it. Dovetail wants to ensure you realize significant productivity gains, cost reductions, and actionable metrics available to you. With Health Check Services, Dovetail team members are available to assess your use of your current HR systems, including Dovetail Support Suite, and provide recommendations in addition to training to help your team leverage your investments and reveal improved overall efficiency.


Not a Dovetail customer yet? We are happy to offer our expertise to support your team, as well.

HR Process Design

Implementing new technology should involve changing, adding, and eliminating processes to maximize efficiency and promote user adoption. The Dovetail Services team is ready to assist by analyzing your current processes and then recommend changes or additions that will help you integrate the Dovetail Support Suite into your environment, promote user adoption, and achieve optimal results quickly.



Thank you Chad. You are amazing. We sincerely appreciate all your assistance and your SPEED of SERVICE!!!

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