Product Architecture & Integrations




Product Architecture

Dovetail Employee Engagement Suite is engineered to be powerful, flexible and easy to use. Dovetail has been building case management tools for almost 20 years. That experience is evident not only in our products but in the way we approach helping you solve problems.


Designed to scale with your organization’s evolving support needs, Dovetail Employee Engagement Suite allows you to start simple and become more sophisticated to meet your changing demands.



Integrations are easily accomplished in our SaaS solution using Dovetail’s extensive APIs, allowing you to connect to and pull information from third-party, on-premise or other SaaS-based systems currently in use.

Partner Integrations include:


Dovetail is a Workday Certified Solution Partner




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Strategic Partnership with Xpert HR




Rules Engine & Messaging

Dovetail Employee Engagement Suite provides a framework that addresses how work flows through a Human Resources organization. Its flexible framework allows you to configure your Work Flows through rules based on Incoming Email, Application Events and automated Routing.


The Rules Engine enables you to define and automate processes by passing information and tasks from one user to another. It can create processes to automatically send notifications and emails, create and dispatch cases, and run command-line scripts.


Configurable Message Templates for emails and notifications provide professional and consistent messages when communicating with employees. Message Templates allow complete flexibility and automation by supporting custom text and HTML text formatting. Along with the static text that’s common for all the messages, parameters provide dynamic text that’s added when messages are sent.


Dovetail Employee Engagement Suite keeps a centralized history of all email communication with your past and current employees resulting in more efficient interactions and less exposure to legal risk.