5 Best Practices for Compliant & Consistent Employee Relations

Shortcomings in key areas of compliance with the rapidly-changing, complex laws can put companies at significant financial and legal risk, HR professionals who understand how changing employment laws affect HR policies and can help employers protect their bottom line and reputation are invaluable to their organizations.


In this webinar, HR compliance expert and co-founder of Omega HR Solutions Mike Haberman and Dovetail’s Head of HR Process Design Dwane Lay will discuss ways you can become the HR compliance expert in your organization and share best practices for compliant and consistent employee relations.


You will learn:

  • How to ensure your HR policies comply with the most recent legal changes
  • Easy  ways to keep up with employment and HR law changes
  • How to adapt policies and procedures to comply with new laws
  • Tactics for establishing consistent and compliant problem resolution processes


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