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Dwane Lay
April 1, 2014

801229v2v1ScottMadden recently released their HR Shared Services Benchmarking Survey, and there is some really interesting data for your review.  You can get the results here or email with the subject line “Survey Results – 15HRSSO_LNK_HRSSO” for a copy.  They do a great job of looking at several elements of Shared Services, and the report summarizes them nicely.  There are a few numbers in the report that I found especially interesting that I’d like to point out.  Feel free to go grab a copy before you read further.  I’ll wait.

OK, is everyone back?  Great.

First, on page five, I was struck by how many organizations have a Shared Services function that is less than a year old.  The

Dwane Lay
February 24, 2014


The future of HR Shared Service is, almost certainly, already here.  We are barreling along a course of turning our clothes into our mobile workspace, built upon the foundation of Google Glass, smart phones and tablets.  While I, for one, welcome our robot overlords, it’s worth thinking about what an HR Help Desk team will look like in a few years, assuming we can extrapolate what has come before.  So here are three examples of what the future might have in store for us all.

Google Glass

We’ll start with the easy one.  Visual recognition of employees, including their history, any open issues (assuming you have it tied into your sweet HR case management system, of course), and how best to proceed.  Sound familiar?  Maybe you recognize

Kane Frisby
January 7, 2014

My fellow colleague Dwane Lay recently wrote a blog entry regarding Service Level Agreements (SLA’s) and how we both have slight different views on SLA’s in relation to Case Management.

What does SLA actually mean?

Firstly if we step back and ask ourselves “what do we actually mean by the term SLA?” I often hear people speak of an SLA as simply an amount of time a Service Provider has to respond or provide a resolution for a Customer issue; although these are components of an SLA, this is not a true definition of one.  An SLA is much more than this!

An SLA is an agreement between two parties, that describes the service provided, documents the Service Level Targets (what the service will be measured against, think KPI’s), and specifies the responsibilities of the Service Provider

Kane Frisby
November 29, 2012


I’ve recently joined Dovetail Software as Chief Strategy Officer; my role is to build the company’s vision, focus on product strategy and to identify key strategic alliances that will benefit the firm, our partners and ultimately our customers.  Where did I come from I hear you ask…


Firstly I’m a Brit from across the pond, so I started my career in an English town in Surrey called Woking, sitting on a Customer Support desk working for a company that sold Helpdesk products, which is where I learnt the importance of excellent Customer Service and Support!


Customer Relationship Management (CRM) seemed like an ideal career for me, I have a thirst for knowledge and thrive on sharing what I know with others.  CRM took off in a big way,

Dwane Lay
November 28, 2012

I spent a good part of my early career working in telecommunications, specifically for Internet providers.  I started off in customer service, but soon found myself running Technical Support.  With a handful of really good technicians, we ran a help desk that answered just about every question you can imagine.  Calls about the Internet being down for no good reason (the power was out in the customer’s home, which will slow you down a bit) to explaining the physics behind twisted copper wiring and signal attenuation (“You mean people in the ghetto can have DSL but my two million dollar home can’t?!?”) came up on a regular basis.  If you’ve ever wondered what kinds of call come in, there are plenty of stories you can read.


Our job, at its most basic, was to be available and to

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