The Sharing Show – with The Workday Sharing Guy

The Sharing Show

“Good morning and afternoon, it’s Wednesday 11am eastern, welcome all to The Sharing Show!”

If you haven’t heard that line before then you’re missing out on a great weekly live show.

Here is what you’ve missed in the first 4 episodes:

  • The “i love workday” photo contest & fun photo of the week!
  • #workdayhacks
  • Search tips & tricks
  • boomerang integrations
  • Customer “Asks”
  • Special guests from several Workday customers
  • Floyd sharing lots of brainstorm ideas
  • Brainstorm of the week
  • Live Quizzes
  • and more!

The show airs live each Wednesday at 11am eastern, is only 30 minutes long and it is all about sharing, connecting people and a sprinkle of fun.

If you’d like to watch next weeks show, sign up here:

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