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Configuration vs. Customization

Configuration vs. Customization
June 22, 2017 Discussion and Confusion about the Difference There is a healthy amount of discussion (and an unhealthy amount of confusion) over the difference between configuration and customization where software is concerned. If you are one of our clients (and if you aren't, there's way to fix that), you probably know this already, but we think it is a big enough deal that we thought we'd talk about it more. And we've done a quick 30-min presentation on this same topic. If you've had more than two conversations with me, you'll know that I love analogies.  In fact, my love for analogies is like a simile. I'm not always great with either of them. But to explain the difference between customization and configuration, I have just the analogy for the job.  We will use the wardrobes of two famous billionaires. First up,…

Discovering HR Case Management – Video

Disocver HR Case Management
June 12, 2017 Quick Hit Informative Video [32 min] Dwane Lay and Rayanne Thorn of Dovetail Software present "Discovering HR Case Management" to share what an HR Case Management System should do and how it should assist an HR Department in creating a better Employee Experience. Additionally, get an in-depth review of the flow of HR Case Management.     Discovering HR Case Management JUN 2017 [32 min] from Dovetail Software on Vimeo.  

Discovering HR Case Management

discovering HR Case Management
May 15, 2017 HR Case Management Case Management, itself, speaks to tracking cases or issues with clients or customers. Healthcare Case Management tracks the life cycle of a patient, through every interaction with a healthcare provider or healthcare facility/system. HR Case Management is the reporting and tracking of every single employee interaction with the human resources department in an organization. This allows for the best understanding possible of the employee experience with the employer, as well as understanding the employer experience with said employee. And it is all about collecting the data from those interactions, then saving and using that data for future interactions, questions, or issues that come into HR - this keeps any information from being lost or allowing issues or challenges to be mishandled, mismanaged or not managed at all. The Flow of HR Case Management Made Easy Employee contacts…

A Change Would Do You Good

February 26, 2015 A Change Would Do You Good How many times in the last few years (be honest) have you been involved in an HR project to identify something…a process, a model, a technology, a strategy to improve overall performance? How many times has that project been put on hold due to funding, resources, lack of leadership backing, or something else? And how many times has the broken inefficient process just continued? Does it all stem from a poorly supported or drafted business plan? In truth there are a hundred reasons why a project doesn’t come to fruition. But one stands above them all. A change would do you good, yet your business won’t successfully change or evolve when the PROCESS continues to be broken. What do I mean and what I think is the root of the problem? Resistance, the in…

Wow, HR Case Management Sure Evolved Quickly!

evolution of HR Case Management
January 20, 2015 The Evolution of HR Case Management As I think back 3 to 4 years ago, it’s somewhat shocking how fast the practice of HR Case Management has evolved.  Customers we’ve deployed say they can’t even imagine their days without their extremely handy tool now.   Those running complex HR shared services models, returning detailed HR analytics and always fine tuning their movements take it a step further, claiming they simply don’t see how they could run their HR service delivery practice without one.  Not to sound smug, but we at Dovetail always wondered how HR was doing as well as they were without some serious technological help in this area.  We had been delivering case management technology to customer support centers for so long, witnessing firsthand the complex maneuvers by which these efficiency rich centers, both virtual and geographically bound…

5 Reasons You Need HR Case Management Solution

December 16, 2014 There are potentially hundreds of reasons your company needs an HR Case Management (HCM) or HR Help Desk software solution. I’m going to briefly point out the five most obvious which will likely keep you up nights trying to figure out how you’re going to get this project added to your short-term list of Top HR Initiatives. If you’re currently in an HR Shared Service model, you’re probably ahead of the curve and on your way toward putting in the backbone (technology) or you already have. Otherwise…here’s the down-and-dirty rationale on why you need an HCM technology solution. You’re being sued Are you currently facing litigation? If so, you clearly understand the stress of having to gather the supporting information to defend your side of the lawsuit. If the employee was fired for cause for instance, it would be helpful,…

Centralize Your Decentralized HR Model with HR Case Management

HR Case Management
January 14, 2014 Centralize With HR Case Management As we continue to truck along here at Dovetail by visiting with more and more new clients, patterns have definitely emerged.  Among these patterns is the consistency with which we see various moderations of HR centralization/decentralization.  In this post, we'll concentrate on three common variations of decentralization and how a case management tool can actually accomplish a high degree of centralization, even if the organizational structure doesn’t best lend itself to doing so. Typically, the three most often seen variations of decentralization go like this: 1.)    Lightly Decentralized: HR leaders and practitioners are predominately centrally-located at company headquarters with occasional field HR reps and/or work from home HR reps.  This is common in the retail industry. 2.)    Moderately Decentralized: HR leaders and practitioners are predominately centrally-located at company headquarters, but there are also many HR…

HR RFP Creation: Solutions to Improve the Process

January 13, 2014 RFP = Request for Proposal RFI = Request for Information RFQ = Request for Quote So you want to create an RFP for your human resources (HR) project huh? Really? Why? I find it funny that so many companies are putting HR projects out for an RFP without a clear goal in mind. I mean, essentially they all have the same goal overall, don’t they…to get the best solution at the lowest possible cost. But, shouldn’t there be a higher objective? Shouldn’t the goal be to determine how each vendor matches up against the unique requirements of your organization? Shouldn’t there be at least one SPECIFIC goal that means something to your company?  What are you REALLY trying to accomplish? Certainly it isn’t to create more work for your team especially since HR teams are leaner than ever.   I’m…

Vendor Evaluation – Know your vendors!

December 10, 2013 A key part of any vendor evaluation during an RFP process is to really get to know your potential vendors.  Certain due diligence should be performed against the short listed vendors to ascertain the fit between the vendor and your organisation.  Factors such as: Financial, Technical, Functional, and Cultural fit are all important aspects to consider when performing a vendor evaluation against their products and services. All four of those areas are just as important on day one of becoming a customer, as they are throughout the lifetime of the product and service. Just looking at the technical aspect, areas that you should at least cover in due diligence include: Ease and speed of Implementation How to configure to meet your needs, today and into the future How often is the application upgraded, and how easy is the application to…

Building a HR Shared Service Function with HR Case Management

November 5, 2013 At Dovetail, we are very often asked to consult with clients who are building their HR Shared Services team.  In many cases, this will include an HR helpdesk function and human resources case management software.  This usually includes human resource reporting and human resources analytics, as well as physical and functional setup.  While my focus with the team is usually on the HR reporting side, there are a few lessons we've learned when it comes to HR service delivery that apply almost universally. First, make sure you have the right people on the team.  There is a myth that if your system is built correctly, you can staff your HR help desk team with entry level call center employees, and they need no experience with HR case management software or functionality.  The truth is while our software may make the…
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