Why is HR Service Delivery so Hot?

HR Service Delivery

Gartner certainly believes so, with the recent addition of this category to the main HCM suites in the latest HCM Cloud Magic Quadrant.

Ultimate Software also certainly believes this to be the case with their recent acquisition of HR Service Delivery vendor PeopleDoc for $300 million.

Here is one way to think about it, let’s step over to the front of house, the sales team organisation:

Successful sales teams are using a tool for Customer Relationship Management or CRM to keep records of any interaction their company has with their customers or prospects. This could be phone calls, emails, web chats, chat bots or web hits on their corporate website. It’s the mainstay of any sales team today.

Sales people earn commission on recorded transactions through such tools. They deliver results and sales based on the data and intel collected over many interactions. CRM tools are even integrated to HCM suites to provide sales team performance metrics for performance evaluation.

Just imagine the intel, insights, and data these systems collect that enable the sales team to foster meaningful relations with their customers, to record pain points, issues, suggestions – ultimately delivering a first rate customer experience and winning a long term customer.

Imagine taking the CRM tool away from the sales team in your firm – chaos unleashed!

So… why in HR do we think we can live with shared inboxes and spreadsheets when interacting with our customers – the employees…? We can’t and many of the top HR teams around the globe recognize this and seek out this coveted software.

But wait… HR doesn’t need sales quotes, and quotas…The technology needs to fit HR…

Enter the HR Service Delivery suite of applications: Employee Portal (think website), Case Management (think phone/ chat/ email notes), and Knowledge Management (think FAQ’s, and sales cheat sheets).

By providing your HR teams with the right technology, you enable them to form the best possible relationship with your employees. You engage the employees at the time it matters most – when they have a question for you – and you empower your HR colleagues to succeed and foster long term relations with your workforce.

And best of all you get to leverage the data in HR friendly analytics, such as hot-spots, areas of concern, policy strengths and weaknesses.

HR Service Delivery is about you focusing on your employees and giving them the best experience of HR you possibly can.

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