We Provide Superior Customer Service! So What, Don’t All Vendors Say That?

We are in the process of re-designing our website. One of the great qualities of our company we wanted to highlight in our new website is our commitment to our customers, and how we truly do provide Superior Customer Service. It has been our highest priority since the inception of the company. We understand how the customer service process works and we incorporate this knowledge and experience into our own software, process, and structure when supporting our customers. In a recent independent survey of our customer base, 100% of the respondents described themselves as:

  • Dovetail Software “champions”

  • Likely to recommend us to others

  • Likely to repurchase

  • Very satisfied with the product and the company

So we are proud of our Customer Service. But here’s our dilemma. Check out the other software vendors. Probably every one of them says they provide great Customer Service. How does a person determine what is real and what is just Marketing?  I don’t have an easy answer, but I do know that Actions Speak Louder Than Words, so while our Marketing people work on this dilemma, I thought I would once again demonstrate Dovetail’s commitment to our customers by our most recent action.

Yesterday, we got a support case with the highest level of severity. It was After Hours and submitted by a customer who doesn’t have After Hours support. However, it didn’t stop Kevin Miller from helping a customer in need, regardless of the fact the customer wasn’t entitled to support at that time. He didn’t check our Support Policy, he didn’t call his manager, he just helped the customer. It took all of 6 minutes for Kevin to respond to the Urgent Request of our customer and make sure their urgent need was met.

Tell me how many other vendors would provide Support for a customer who wasn’t entitled to it. Dovetail did. Way to go Kevin!

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