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“The HR Systems Survey” Stacey Harris, LIVE from #HRTechConf

November 30, 2015 Stacey Harris Stacey Harris, Vice President of Research Analytics with Sierra-Cedar, stopped by the Dovetail booth at HR Tech for an incredible conversation about the 2015 HR Systems Survey by Sierra Cedar and what's happening in HR Tech today . Listen in as she shares some discovered insights: Customer Satisfaction, User Experience, as well as a big focus on HR technology Strategy, Self-service/Shared Services, and Mobile Stacey has been in research for a very long-time, but her ideas and take are refreshing, making this interview a "must-listen". Click play above to listen to our interview with Ms. Harris and learn more about this year's survey and why attending this conference is a good idea for ANYONE in the space.   intrepidHR To listen to all 30 LIVE intrepidHR interviews in our on-demand player, follow this link. intrepidHR is made possible by…